Disney Offers Global First-Party Data Connection

Looking to make the connection between Walt Disney’s own first-party data with global advertisers' first-party data, the company will start by offering its BridgeID platform to Latin America markets.

BridgeID allows the Disney Audience Graph -- its first-party data from its array of media networks and platforms -- through Disney's clean-room technology to be matched against first-party data of global advertising brands.

Claiming improvement when it comes to increasing match rates of first-party data, brands can then bid on advertising programmatically.

Disney's BridgeID can work with advertisers as well as third-party ad technology providers.

Disney initially launched BridgeID at Cannes Lions last week. 



This comes as Disney will be launching  its ad-supported Disney+ streamer into Latin American territories.

Disney Advertising now has an agreement with Mercado Libre (MELI), a major online commerce and digital banking platform in Latin America, which will include the ‘Disney+ Standard with Ads’ option within its loyalty program MELI+ in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

Disney is also creating a direct integration for MELI and Mercado Ads with Disney’s Real Time Ad Exchange (DRAX) which offers biddable streaming ads for brands in Latin America.

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