IPG Marketplace Will Reduce, Not Just Minimize, Carbon In Media Buys

IPG Mediabrands this morning unveiled plans for a new "green advertising marketplace" that would reduce the carbon impact of digital media buys by minimizing the amount of data being transferred to implement them.

Dubbed the "Climate Action Marketplace," IPG Mediabrands said it has teamed up with adaptive streaming supplier SeenThis and supply-side platform PubMatic to develop it, and that it will be available to all of its clients soon.

IPG Mediabrands began working with SeenThis in 2021 to minimize the carbon emissions of its media buys, but said the new marketplace will go a step further by actually reducing carbon emissions.

It also said the marketplace will work "through Orion opted-in partners." Orion is a unit of IPG Mediabrands specializing in barter media deals -- usually converting a company's unsold goods and services in exchange for media credits used in their advertising campaigns.

“We can make an enormous positive impact for our clients and reduce data transfer -- thus carbon emissions -- in the process,” asserted IPG Mediabrands Global Chief Sustainability Officer Martin Bryan.



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