Streaming Radio Still Up For The Year; Men Dominant Listeners

Streaming Radio Still Up For The Year; Men Dominant Listeners

MeasureCast, Inc. announced that Internet-only station RADIOIO, simulcaster Virgin Radio, and Internet radio network Clear Channel Worldwide led the MeasureCast charts for the week of September 29. Of the top 25 stations measured by MeasureCast, 13 streamed more hours during the week of September 29 than they did a week earlier. Seventeen stations attracted larger audiences.

In addition, the MeasureCast Internet Radio Listening Index dropped less than one percent during the first week of October. Since the beginning of the year, the total time spent listening to Web radio stations measured by MeasureCast is up 162 percent. The index is a representation of the trend in the total time spent listening (TTSL) to a spectrum of on-line radio stations.

Demographic Highlights for the Week of Sept. 30 – Oct. 6

  • The peak listening day was Wed., Oct. 2, with 19% of all listening occurring on this day.
  • Internet radio listening is primarily a work-hour phenomenon, with 80% of all on-line listening occurring between 5 a.m. Pacific and 5 p.m. Pacific.
  • 10% of the week’s listening took place over the weekend.
  • 28% of Internet radio listeners were between the ages of 25 and 34. 57% were younger than 35, 29% were younger than 25, and 7% were older than 55.
  • 70% of listeners were men; 30% were women.
  • In the U.S., 32% of listeners resided in the South; 30% in the West, 20% in the Northeast, and 18% in the Midwest.

    NetworkCume Persons
    1Clear Channel Worldwide 291,805
    3Radio Free Virgin183,298
    5Warp Radio107,891
    6Internet Radio, Inc.250,741
    7Virgin Radio 91,613
    8SurferNETWORK 42,891
    9Educational Media Foundation 40,438
    10Standard Broadcasting 24,417
    Top 10 Internet-only Stations (Mon., Sept. 30, - Sun., Oct. 6, 2002)
     Station/OwnerCume Persons
    1RADIOIO/io MediaPartners/Limelight51,150
    2MUSICMATCH ArtistMatch68,655
    3MUSICMATCH Top Hits58,397
    4ChoiceRadio Classic Hits51,072
    53WK Undergroundradio25,462
    6Radio Margaritaville14,167
    8BlueGrass Country21,717
    9BeOnAir Rock10,049
    10MUSICMATCH Soft Hits14,692
    Top 10 Simulcast Radio Stations (Mon., Sept. 30, - Sun., Oct. 6, 2002)
     NetworkCume Persons
    1Virgin Radio/1215 AM & 105.8 FM(London)69,264
    2K-LOVE Radio(Sacramento, Calif.)69,264
    3WQXR-FM/96.3(New York)29,009
    4JazzFM/102.2 FM & 100.4 FM(London)59,821
    5WBLS-FM/107.5(New York)14,564
    8WFXZ-FM/93.7(Wilmington, NC)7,015
    9WHTZ-FM/100.3(New York)16,883
    10Air1 Radio(Sacramento)9,180
    The MeasureCast Weekly Top 10 (Mon., Sept. 30, - Sun., Oct. 6, 2002)
     Station FormatCume Persons
    1Virgin Radio/1215 AM & 105.8 FM (London)Hot Adult Contemporary69,264
    2K-LOVE Radio (Sacramento)Contemporary Christian Music29,564
    3RADIOIO (Internet-only)Adult Alternative51,150
    4MUSICMATCH ArtistMatch (Internet-only)Miscellaneous68,655
    5WQXR-FM/96.3 (New York)Classical31,061
    6JazzFM/102.2 FM & 100.4 FM (London)Jazz59,821
    7WBLS-FM/107.5 (New York)Hip Hop14,564
    8MUSICMATCH Top Hits (Internet-only)CHR / Top 4058,397
    9KING-FM/98.1 (Seattle)Classical16,843
    10ChoiceRadio Classic Hits (Internet-only)Classic Hits51,072

    Cume Persons is an estimate of the total number of unique listeners who had one or more listening sessions lasting five minutes or longer during the reported time period.

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