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A Guide to Taking On a Major SEO Client

Got a prospective client with more than 100,000 pages worth of content that needs to be optimized and upgraded? Have no fear--William Flaiz has a step-by-step guide to taking on all that work and delivering stellar results. There are four steps to the process--address the client's needs, address their wants, and then throw things in that they didn't know they need. Lastly, take them to the next level.

Flaiz' publishing client needed a SEO-centric site redesign, so the Avenue A / Razorfish team worked with them during the initial planning stages on factors like the selection of content management software, internal linking strategies and URL structures.

The client wanted short-term results, so the team used social media tools like RSS and Google Reader feeds, as well as badges for sites like Digg, that could deliver them (with long term benefits as well).

Finally, Flaiz used keyword research to discover that the client had some content gaps for competitive and long-tail terms--which they needed articles to support. He also took them to the next level (after managing the account for over a year) by leveraging tools like YouTube and Facebook.



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