Daily Online Examiner Editions for July 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 29, 2016
Web Video Companies Defend 'Binge On' To FCC
IOC Brings Hammer Down On Doping, I Mean, Social Media
Broadband Providers Ask Court To Reconsider 'Heavy Handed' Net Neutrality Rules
AT&T Lifts Data Caps For Gigabit Subscribers
Internet-Connected Pet Feeder Fails, World Takes Note
Performics, Northwestern Create Lab: Invest Resources To Study Intent
After Hours Email Can Lead to Emotional Exhaustion
SwiftKey Vulnerability Exposed User Data
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, July 28, 2016
Advertisers Told To Avoid Olympics-Related Hashtags
ISPs Want New Hearing On Net Neutrality Rules
Twitter Wants Appeals Court To Hear Robo-Texting Case
Advertisers Can Now Buy Programmatic Ads To Target Kids Online
Julian Assange Says There is More Coming
'Voter Registration' Google Searches Up 190% After DNC Day 3
23% of Companies Admit to Stopping a Data Breach Every Single Day
Customer Loyalty Would Drop If Car Hacked, Says Report
Factual Joins The Network Advertising Initiative
'Ice Bucket Challenge' Funded Research Breakthrough
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Yelp Flags Businesses That Sue Over Bad Reviews
Yahoo Loses Bid To Dismiss Text-Spam Battle Over 'Welcome' Messages
Verizon Looks To Bring FiOS To New Cities
Connections In The Sky: Drone Deliveries Expand, Consumer Interest Grows
Family Library Allows Family Members To Share Google Play Purchases
Google Search Results Leave Trump Out Of The Loop
Reddit Readying 'Promoted User' Posts
Trump Calls on Russia to Hack Clinton's Email Server
Russia Denies Hacking DNC's Email Server
Is Privacy Shield Already A Dead Man Walking?
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Privacy Group Sides Against CNN, Argues MAC Addresses Are 'Personally Identifiable'
TAG You're It: Big Agencies Among 100 Added To 'Trustworthy' Registry
T-Mobile's 'Binge On' Adds New Video Providers
Comcast Won't Zero-Rate Netflix Streams
Study Finds Consumers Can Be Convinced To Uninstall Ad Blockers
Social Data To Dominate Online Targeting
Group M Hires A Standards Enforcer
Trump's Site Fails Security Challenge
Google Phones Get New Spam Protections
Facebook Knocked For Scrubbing DNC Email Dump
SteelHouse Files Lawsuit Accusing Criteo Of False Advertising
Consumers Crave Advanced Technology In Vehicles
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, July 25, 2016
Verizon's Acquisition Of Yahoo Shows Need For Broadband Privacy Rules, Advocates Say
Small Cable Companies Won't Face New Set-Top Box Rules
Clinton Demanded Social Media Passwords For VP Prospects' Families
Backpage.com Could Face New Battles At Supreme Court
China Bans Self-Driving Car Tests On Public Highways
Google-Funded Company Is Prohibited From Advertising On Google
Instagram Lets Celebrities Automatically Block Trolls
Glassdoor Apologizes For Exposing Job Seekers in Email
Connected Toys Raise Privacy, Security Concerns
Verizon Looking To Rev Up AOL's Mobile, Programmatic Ads Through Yahoo
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 15, 2016
FCC Chief's Plan For New Set-Top Box Rules Loses Key Support
Capitol Records Wants New Hearing In Copyright Battle Over Golden Oldies
Regulators Pave Way For Telecoms To Eliminate DSL Broadband
Google Finds Web Video Viewability Rates Of 62% In U.S.
Amazon Enables Consumers To Download Videos To SD Cards
Consumers Seeking Reliable In-Flight Internet
Avis Adds Connected Car Features To App
Google Faces Further European Commission Charges
Clinton's Reputation Damaged by Email Scandal: AP Poll
Europe Raises The Axe On Google
Parents Worry Social Media Undermines Kids' Moral Development
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, July 14, 2016
T-Mobile Exempts Pokemon Go From Data Caps
How 'Live'Do We Want Our Streaming Video?
Aetna And Sega Violated Industry's Mobile Privacy Code, Watchdog Says
HubSpot On Why People Block Ads, And What It Means For Marketers
Court Sides With Microsoft Against DOJ In Battle Over Data Stored In Ireland
Search Data Shows Sharing Economy On The Rise
EU Files Fresh Charges Against Google
Republican Senators Are Pushing a Law that Would Allow FBI to Read Email Logs & IP Address Without a Warrant
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Google Ends Fight With Mississippi Attorney General, Touts Anti-Piracy Efforts
Power Ventures Didn't Violate Spam Law By Inviting Facebook Users To Join
FCC Democrat Says Proposal For Set-Top Boxes Is 'Flawed'
Google Fiber Launches In Charlotte
BitTorrent News Launches at Republican National Convention
Record Biz Makes $3B Off Illegal YouTube Uploads
Clinton Email Scandal is Hurting Her Polling Numbers in Florida
Controversy, Insults, And Even Racism Fuel Online Video Consumption
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Web Users Agree To Anything Online, Study Finds
CNN Urges Appellate Court To Dismiss Video Privacy Case
Kim Dotcom To Relaunch Megaupload
Sen. Franken: Pokemon Go Raises Privacy Concerns
State Department Reopens Clinton Email Probe
European Parliament Votes Down Net Neutrality Amendments
Pokemon App Can't Read Your Gmail
Pokemon Go's Success Marred By Privacy Gaffes
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, July 11, 2016
FTC: Warner Bros Paid 'Influencers' To Promote Video Game
New Ourdata Gives Ad Blocker Profit To Consumers
Lawmakers Question FTC About Ad Fraud
Creating Distraction From The Real Media Transparency Issues
Facebook Sued Over Palestinian Attacks
Verizon Says 'Don't Fear The Data'
China To Implement Tax Rules For Online Ads, Hits Search, Email Hard
Twitter Will Live Stream CBS Conventions Coverage
Twitter Scares Tweet-Archive PostGhost Offline
Most Americans Disapprove of FBI's Decision Not to Prosecute Clinton Over Email Usage
Game of Thrones Pirates Targeted in Scam Email
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