Email Marketing Daily Editions for September 2021
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021
The Return Racket: Why Shoppers Reject Products Bought Online
Sinch To Acquire Pathwire, Owner Of Mailgun, Mailjet And Email On Acid, For $1.9B
Terminus Acquires Zylotech, Offers B2B Customer Data Platform
Democrats Press For Curbs On 'Manipulative' Marketing Aimed At Kids
FTC , Florida Halt Subscription Business That Allegedly Swindled Prisoners
ActionIQ Releases B2B Customer Data Platform
Slack Suffers Outage That Results In Log-in Issues
Ransomware Is Dominated By Three 'Families:' Report
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021
Skinny Santa: Salesforce Expects Higher Costs, Fewer Online Orders This Holiday Season
The COVID-19 Rainbow: Pandemic Had A Positive Impact At Some Companies
CM Group Forms Loyalty Integration With Annex Cloud
Treasure Data Appoints Eugene Saburi As Chief Business Officer
FTC Urged To Ban 'Surveillance Advertising'
Microsoft GM Steve Sirich To Leave Company
Some Microsoft 365 Users Unable To Log Into Accounts
Email Marketing Campaign Tips For Halloween
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021
Is Email Enough? Not Unless It's Personalized, Shoppers Say
Study: Half Of Forbes 2000 Brands Fail To Use DMARC
Study: Consumers Trust Cross-Border Shipping When Details Are Provided Up Front
Researcher To Urge Congress To Require Full Advertising Transparency From Platforms
Gmail Illustration Tool Lets Consumers Build A Custom Profile Picture
Email Guide For Affiliate Marketers
Why Marketers Are Spending More Time Researching 'Experiential Marketing?'
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 27, 2021
Rebooting Research: Surveys Should Be Quick, Accessible And Useful
Optimove Raises $75 Million In New Funding
Elm Street Technology Acquires OutboundEngine To Serve Real Estate Industry
Piano Launches Analytics Platform That It Says Provides Single Source Of Data
Ad Industry Says $1 Billion For FTC Should Be Accompanied By National Privacy Law
Google Updates Software, Cuts Off Millions Of Android Phones From Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube
New Twitter Campaign Says 3,147 Animal Emojis Serve Key Purpose
How BIMI Will Build Trust And Security For Email Marketers
'Guardian' Launches 'Saturday,' Super-Sized Magazine, Email Newsletters
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 24, 2021
Busting Google's Bulwark: Bad Actors Use Firm's Free Resources To Send Spam, Spamhaus Says
New Apple Feature Can Leak IP Addresses: Report
Black Friday-Cyber Monday Conversions Surged In 2020: Will They Do The Same This Year?
Google Seeks To Settle EU's Latest Advertising Antitrust Probe
FTC Chief Aims To Take On 'Most Significant Actors'
A Guide To Email Marketing For Retailers
Google Ads Pushes 'Phrase' Or 'Broad' Matches Vs. Simple Keywords
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021
The Text Tide: Channel Is Moving Up On Email, Especially Among Gen Zers
Alaska Airlines Deploys New Opt-In Service From Airship
The Good News About Apple's Mail Privacy Protection: The End Of The Open
New Tool Can Help Brands Reclaim Inactive Email Addresses, List Hygiene Firm Says
Facebook iOS Fallout: Underreported Conversions, Lower Advertiser ROI, Increased Ad Loads
Yahoo, Shopify Partnership Improves Identity Targeting
'Washington Post' Launches Help Desk, Technology Info Destination
Third-Party Data Issues Make SMS Marketing More Attractive
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021
Everything But The Cookie: What Brands Are Doing To Drive Great Customer Experiences
Study: Brands Cite Redundancy And Speed As Martech Pain Points
Campaign Monitor Offers Online Email Marketing Courses
Senator Blumenthal Still Aiming For Bipartisan Privacy Bill
'Financial Times' Writer Jonathan Margolis Joins 'Air Mail'
Criteo Data Analyzes Summer Travel, Retail Holiday Trends
Why BIMI Should Be the New Email Standard
Intuit's Mailchimp Purchase Could Lead To Better Emails Being Sent By SMBs
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021
The Unsweetened Pot: Brands Fail To Offer Incentives For Email Sign-ups
Sendinblue Acquires Three Ecommerce Firms For $47 Million
Litmus Integrates With Adobe Journey Optimizer
Zendesk Sell Forms B2B Marketing Integration With Act-On Software
FTC Urged To Pass Privacy Rules, Require Companies To Obtain Consumers' Consent
Pennsylvania Resident Presses To Revive Privacy Claim Against NaviStone
DeSantis Committee Scores Biden In Email Blast
Google Improves Gmail Filtering Options On Android Mobile
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 20, 2021
Martech Tooling Around: Teams Have Too Many Solutions To Deal With
The Worm In The Apple: Mail Privacy Protection Takes Effect
Xerox Names Piquion As Chief Marketing Officer
When It Comes To Unvaxxed Consumers, Study Finds Context Is King
Google Develops New Self-Publishing Service For Writers
Epik Confirms Data Hack, Email Addresses Exposed
Net Differences In Time Spent Vs. Ad Spending Across Media
How To Weather A Perfect Storm Of Disruption This Holiday Season
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 17, 2021
Does Your CDP Trickle Down? Study Shows Primary Uses Are Strategic
Inbox Monster Debuts Email Deliverability Tools And Testing Solution
Apple's iOS15 And Hide My Email Feature Will Be Out On Monday
Study Shows Gap In Malware Understanding By Employees
Don't Limit First-Party Data To Emails
DoorDash Sues NYC Again -- This Time Over Consumer Data
Hacker Network Shares Data Leaks On Encrypted Messaging App, Research Shows
Marketers, Stop Apologizing: It's OK To Use Data
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