New Tool Can Help Brands Reclaim Inactive Email Addresses, List Hygiene Firm Says

Email hygiene company FreshAddress has launched a service that it says can help firms re-engage with the bouncing and inactive email addresses within their customer lists. 

The new tool, Email Change Of Address (Auto ECOA) can help brands reclaim 20% of those lapsed addresses, the company claims.  

The firm’s SafeToSend service removes problematic addresses while identifying and correcting typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, and dead domains. 

It also cleans and updates the matches, weeding out those that are not safe to send. The remaining addresses are deliverable, the company says.

In addition, the firm’s Email Change of Address (ECOA) Registry and Service allows individuals to register their old and new email addresses so friends and trusted companies can reconnect with them.

FreshAddress points to stats showing that 30+ of email addresses are lost to normal attrition. 

Addresses bounce or become inactive due to job changes, switching of internet service providers, the creation of new email addresses due to increased spam, and the growing prevalence of customer registrations using secondary or temporary email addresses, according to HubSpot, it adds. 

FreshAddress claims to offer high match rates and data accuracy due to its internal database of over 450 million change pairs — i.e., old/new email address pairs — and its SafetoSend tool. 


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