Email Marketing Daily Editions for February 2023
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023
The Gist Of SMS: Why It Works, And The Dangers Of Doing It Badly
Google Client-Side Encryption Now Available In Gmail
Folloze Launches ChatGPT Tool For B2B Marketers
Foundry Expands B2B Tech Franchise With ABM Tool
Typos Widespread In Email Addresses, Study Finds
Privacy Standards Should Be Set By Congress, Not FTC, Industry Argues
CMOs See Inflation, Labor Shortages As Key Impediments To Growth
2023 Marketing Trends That Must Be Heeded
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 27, 2023
Gmail Down Briefly On Monday Morning
PulsePoint And Komodo Health Debut Patient Analytics/Measurement Tool
Justuno Upgrades Website Conversion Platform
Call For Entries: Best In Automotive Marketing
Many Consumers Want Fewer Marketing Messages In 2023
Appeals Court Intervenes In Battle Over Google Play Store Policies
Meta Releases Large Language Model AI, Focus On Research
Will Consumers Buy Products Based On Recommendations From ChatGPT?
Apex Brands: What The Most Mature Marketers Are Doing This Year
New Snapchat AI Tool "Open To Hallucinations"
World's Largest Retailers U.S.-Based
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 24, 2023
The Sorry Customer Experience: What Annoys Shoppers The Most
Email Rated Successful, But Lack Of Investment Plagues Some Brands, Study Finds
AI Startup Autobound Raises $4M In Funding
Wayfair's Bad News: Vanishing Customers, Big Losses
46% Of Americans Are Ambivalent About AI, 38% Are Worried
How ChatGPT Can Serve Email Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023
Parsing Privacy: Dual Studies Reveal Consumer Concerns, Reactions To Messaging
New B2B Tool Analyzes Subtle Intent Signals, Firm Says
CMOs Place Priority On ChatGPT And First-Party Data: Study
Longer Video Ads Are More Effective For Mobile, Study Finds
LinkedIn Feature Boosts Content Visibility
What Do Google's Canadian News Blackout Tests Mean For The U.S.?
FCC Urged To Add Privacy Disclosures To Broadband Labels
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023
Email's Delicate Balance: It's Popular For Buying, But Watch Out For The Creep Factor
Sendinblue Integrates With WhatsApp To Provide Texting For SMBs
B2B Sales Teams Offered New AI Tools For Sending Emails
Coca-Cola Will Test Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Creativity As It Resets Costa, BodyArmor
Longer Video Ads Are More Effective For Mobile, Study Finds
Brands That Double Down On Data Will Win In (Impending) Recession
Microsoft Bing Chat Taps Voice, Goes Mobile And On Skype
Gmail Users Are Not Receiving Emails Synching With Microsoft Servers: Report
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023
In A Manner Of Speaking: Email Comments Less Heated Than Ones Given By Phone
Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter Reportedly Let Suspicious Emails Through
TransUnion Rebrands Global Data Products As 'Tru'
Patreon Must Face Video Privacy Lawsuit
DMi Partners Ups 4 Staffers To VP Roles
Hermes Prevails In First Major NFT Trademark Case
A Digital Advertising Automation Checklist
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 20, 2023
Email Sandpits: Five Of The Worst Things You Can Do
Firm Offers AI-Driven Reputation Management Tool Based On Keywords
California Children's Safety Law Will 'Hobble' Internet, Tech Industry Says
Merkle Analyzes Impact Of Generative Artificial Intelligence On Search
Dentsu Acquires Spain's Omega CRM agency, Folds It Into Merkle
Fantix, Epsilon Build Partnership That Does Not Require Movement Of Data
Consumers Worldwide Are In Early Stages Of Metaverse Use
Bed Bath & Beyond New Zealand Caught In Email Gaffe
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 17, 2023
AI Puff: Don't Fire Your Live Copywriters Just Yet
Data Pros Rely Heavily On Publicly Available Web Data: Study
Customers Expect Brands To Hear What They Say
Google Has 'Durable Monopoly' In Search, Justice Department Argues
Teens Face Social Media Bans Under Proposed Laws
Merkle Analyzes Impact Of Generative Artificial Intelligence On Search
A Guide To Email Marketing For Realtors
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023
Perks, Please: Brands That Fulfill Giveaways In Real-Time Do Better, Study Claims
Twilio Boosted Revenue Last Year, But Also Showed Higher Operating Loss
ChatGPT Tool That Supports Email Offered By Bloomreach
B2B Tech Firm Demandbase Receives $175M Investment
Microsoft's Chatty Bing Technology Unnerving To Some
Research: Shopping Way Less Fun Than It Was Pre-COVID
Multicultural Consumers Notice Where Brands Advertise
A Marketer's Guide To ChatGPT
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023
Ought To Be Automated: Most Firms Still Not Compliant With GDPR And CCPA
Augeo Acquires Brand Networks, AI-Driven Social Marketing Platform
Enablement Systems Are Being Welcomed By Salespeople, Study Finds
Embattled Data Broker Highlights FTC Commissioner's Resignation
On-Site Search Failing Because Retailers Still Lack Advanced Resources
FTC Commissioner Announces Resignation, Cites 'Abuse Of Power' By Chair
Digital Marketing Predictions For 2023
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