EU Email Marketing Daily Editions for September 2016
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
GDPR Is Inevitable -- Email Marketers Should Rejoice, Then Repermission
Google Rebrands Cloud Services, Introduces Google Cloud
Information Commissioner Denham Tells UK GDPR Is Essential For Post-Brexit Data Flow
DMA Reminds UK Business To Prepare For GDPR, Regardless Of Brexit
The 4.3bn Reasons Not To Ignore Email Markering
How To Be Successful At Content Marketing
You've Got (Aggregated) Mail
Timing Is Crucial In Abandoned Cart Email Marketing
Russian Hackers Could be Behind Yahoo Data Breach
Microsoft Users Complain of Email Outage
Value Comes When Insights and Engagement Combine
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
How To Get On Top Of Email
Tips On Avoiding Deliverability Issues On Invalid Emails
Nearly Half Of UK Retailers Fail To Email After A Shopping Cart is Abandoned
Four Tips For Writing Emails That Don't Get Deleted
Future Of Email Is Behaviour-Based Personalisation
Abandoned Shopping Carts Are Email Marketing's Greatest Opportunity
Oracle Orchestrates, Revamps Cross-Channel Solution
Mobile Email Conversions on the Rise
Russian Government to Stop Using Microsoft Email System
Promotional Emails Impact Millennials' Purchase Decisions
Email Designs People Can't Resist
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Mobile Growth Proves Email Marketing Is Still Top Dog
Yahoo Sued Over Massive Data Breach
Email Use Soars As Smartphone Addiction Takes Hold
Adobe, Microsoft Partner In Cloud, Data Deal
Information Commissioner Promises Serious Questioning Of Yahoo Over Data Breach
Email Blacklisting Can Last Up To Two Weeks, Study Says
Yahoo Admits To 500 Million Email Accounts Being Hacked
Research Shows Send And Open Rates Still High, Ecommerce The Exception
Adding Behavioural Data To Email Automation Reaps Rewards
Not Only Email Account Holders Impacted By Yahoo Breach
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
Confused By Contradictory Guru Advice? A/B Testing Will Let You Know What Your Customers Think
Yahoo Says 500 Million Accounts Hacked
IoT Study Finds Devices Emailing Doctors May Breach Data Laws
Jargon-Free Headings And Bullet Points Will Make Your Emails "Less Awful"
Email Is Essential For Engaging With Customers At 'Aware' Stage
Work Email Addresses Threatened When Used for Personal Web Accounts
Weebly Adds Email Marketing Tools
The Reserve Bank of Australia Reveals Plans for Email & Mobile Bank Transfers
Options In Fighting Adult Spam Are Limited
RedPoint Global Expands Data-Driven Marketing Tools
Use Change Management To Transform Your Email Marketing Program
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
Email Marketing Is No Space For Dumb Retargetting
Most Emails Are Opened on Mobile: Experian
Email's Transparency Makes It Stand Out Against Other Channels
Future Of Customer Communications Will Be Instant Messaging
Personalising 'From' Address Boosts Open Rates
IT Pro Offers Email Monitoring Advice
Email Opens & Bounce Rates Are Up
Data Breaches Up 15% Worldwide
Oracle And Radius Join Forces To Optimize B2B Leads
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
Love Hearts, Bright Sun And Umbrellas Might Be The Emoji Boost Your Open Rates Need
Researchers Find Long Subject Lines Get The Most Clicks
Emoji Subject Lines Boost Open Rates
Email Continues to Grow Despite Predictions of Its Demise
How To Get Better Deliverability Rates
Qantas Campaign Turns Auto Reply Into Instagram Holiday
Most Companies Have Been Hit by Cyber Attack: Lloyd's of London
People Who Check Email Less Feel Happier And More Productive
Gmail Finally Supports Responsive Design
The Surprising Cost Of Unsubscribes
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 16, 2016
Personalisation, Subject-Line Predictors Got A Very Quiet Thumbs Up At Dmexco
Gmail To Make Email Easier To Read On Mobile
Problems To Look Out For, And Fix, With Email Automation
What Email Marketers Need To Do To Get Some Credit
Vogue's Email Etiquette Advice For Millennials
New Zealand MP's Blocked MPs Being Probed
Zoho Integrates With MailChimp For SMB Marketing
Millennials Demand Consumer-First Approach
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016
Personalisation Is Key As Holiday Season Approaches
Email Still Delivering Strong ROI, EMarketer Report Shows
Increasing Engagement Rates Is Top Email Marketing Goal
ROI Means Email Is Still Going Strong
Crunchbase Extends Its Database With Dynamic Searches, Email Alerts
Tim Cook Hints at New MacBook in Email to Customer
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 12, 2016
Can Email Marketers Be Expected To Be GDPR Ready Before The Regulator?
DMA Launches GDPR Survey
Email May Be Old, But Its ROI Is Impressive
Testimonials Give Much-Needed 'Social Proof' To Email Campaigns
DMARC Rules Mean Own Domain Emails Are Best For Deliverability
PreSonus Boosts Email Engagement With Localization
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 9, 2016
Can You Afford Not To Find Out What Will Drive Interaction To Leap 39%?
7 Tips For Email Marketing On The Apple Watch
Nine In Ten Brands Sent Holiday-Themed Emails Last Year
Smart Marketers Combine The Strengths of Social And Email
Advertisers Look To Emotional 'Moments' To Drive Engagement, Content Experiences
Why Blogging And Email Are A Great Combination
Are You The Problem?
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