• Motto
    Founded by two former Wall Street Journal writers, Mott has an alliterative tag -- purpose, passion, profit -- which sounds like a Gordon Gekko seminar for Dr. Phil. If you saw "Wall Street," you heard Michael Douglas, in the guise of Gekko, utter the chilling line: "Greed is good." And though Motto would reject the impulse, it might embrace his inner Gordon. He was nothing if not determined. Alas, the mag's execution is just the opposite: a bit gooey.
  • Uncle Larry's Funtime Family Mailbag
    The rules for the third every-other-full-moon edition of Uncle Larry's Magazine Rack Funtime Family Mailbag: You send questions, either via email or the blog thing. I filter out the ones that hurt my feelings and respond to the best of the rest. Nobody learns anything. Okay? Onward and upward.
  • My Family Doctor
    I>My Family Doctor may well be the dumbest title on newsstands today -- no small feat, given the competition offered by gambling and gossip mags. The health advice dispensed seems more or less sound, but it is conveyed in a manner so clumsy as to make one long for the sweet nothings about "weak streams" found in pharma ads.
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