Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for March 2018
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Voters Believe Trump/Daniels Affair, Consider It 'Common'
Census Consensus: 'Citizenship' Would Be A Headache For Advertising, Media
Trump Email Blast Calls For Election Of Allies
CBS Wins Week With Stormy Daniels, March Madness
Zuckerberg Will Testify To Congress
ARF Proposes New Standards For Consumer Data, Threatens To Rescind Cambridge Analytica's Ogilvy Award
Zuckerberg Declines UK Parliamentary 'Invite'
Americans Overwhelmingly Concerned About Cambridge Analytica's Use Of Facebook Data During 2016 Election
A Third Of Tech Workers Plan To #DeleteFacebook
Zuckerberg Takes Out Apology Ads
Facebook Redesigns Settings Menu To Help Users Control Data, Privacy
'Trump' Boosts Email Engagement
Users Worry About Facebook Data: Plan To Use Less, Stop Altogether
Attorneys General Demand Answers From Facebook About Privacy
Report: Trump Goes After Amazon, Stock Declines
America Tunes In For Stormy Interview On '60 Minutes'
String Theories: How Many People Run The World?
Did Facebook Put Off An Ad Boycott With Mere GDPR Compliance?
A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Deleting Facebook
GDPR Will Be Good For Advertising
Is It Time To Rethink What We Call News?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Facebook Practices Raise 'Serious Concerns,' Wyden Says
Zuckerberg Has Left The Building
Facebook's Security Chief Stamos To Exit Company
WhatsApp Cofounder Instructs Users: Delete Facebook
FTC Probes Facebook Over Data Transfers To Cambridge Analytica
Cambridge Analytica Suspends CEO Amid Controversy
Google's $300 Million Initiative Fights Fake News, Helps Publishers Generate Revenue
U.S. Firms Most Likely To Suffer Email Fraud Attacks: Study
Social Is The Primary Contributor To Negative Views Of News Media
SMS Tops Email In Pennsylvania Special Election
Foreign Hacking Might Hit TV Networks
Teach Your Media Children Well
GDPR And Facebook: We Can Fight Back To Control Our Data
'Seventeen' Transports Teen Activists To March For Our Lives
Facebook Let In, Regulator Shut Out: The Real Cambridge Analytica Issue
Daily Emails From Trump Irritate Recipient
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 14, 2018
18th Congressional Was A Squeaker, Poll Showed Candidates Statistically Tied Heading Into Election
Our Parasocial Bond With Donald J. Trump
U.N. Accuses Facebook Of Spreading Hate In Myanmar
Judge Urges Trump To Mute, Not Block, Twitter Critics
Pelosi Sent 'Bait And Switch' Email: Report
Trump-GOP Email Blast Focuses On California Lawsuit
Trump Fires Via Media, Face-To-Face Boardroom Oustings Don't Apply
The London Mayor Issues A Warn To Tech Giants
Network News Tops $4 Billion, Cable's Big 3 Get Even Bigger
MIT Researchers: 'Lies Spread Faster Than Truth'
London Mayor Says New Uber Boss Shows 'Great Humility'
House Dems Empowers Press To Take on Tech Giants
Lawyer Used Trump Organization Email In Stormy Daniels Deal
Sinclair Anchors Forced To Read Anti-Media Promo Scripts
'Nat Geo' Race Issue Explores Magazine's History, Diversity In America
Unpacking the NRA's Communications Playbook Domain Name Goes Up For Auction
Politics, Shopping And How To Avoid A Brand Boycott
String Theories: Snopes For Dopes
Tennessee Hack Attack: Democrat's Campaign Hit By Criminal Emailers
Church Of Scientology Launching OTT TV Network
If People Love Fake News, Should Marketers Care?
Ellie Awards Honor Mags Exploring Opioid Epidemic, Terrorism, International Crises
Survey Of Scientists Tagged As Spam Within EPA: Report
Time's Up Adland: Top Ad Women Partner With Group To Fight Harassment Launches 'Fired-Up,' Explores Women's Rage, Political Action Nationwide
Email Helps Drive Democratic Committee Fundraising Success
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Ryan Sends Email Hitting Trump Tariffs
Grassroots Political Activism Looks Sustainable, Likely Factor For Midterms
Russians Manipulate More Media - The Guessing Begins
Brill, Crovitz Launch NewsGuard To Rate Sources, Fight Fake News
Big Brands Flee InfoWars YouTube Site, Saying They Were Unaware Of Ads There
Why NewsGuard, Aimed At Fighting Fake News, Won't Work
Democrats Send Email Written By Parkland Survivor
Tempest In A Tweet Pot
NRA Posts 'Times Up' Ad Targeting Celebs, Media
Bumble Bans Guns In Profile Pictures
Conservative Site To Shutter, Couldn't Survive Facebook's Algorithm Changes
20 Year Old Sues Retailers Over Gun Age Restriction
Facebook Reaches Maximum Creepiness With Pedophile Query
UK Confirms Exit From EU Digital Single Market
Washington Governor Signs Net Neutrality Rules Into Law
String Theories: False 'False Flags,' Florida Fishiness
What Will Happen To U.S. Churches Without Hispanic Immigrants?