MediaPost Weekend Editions for August 2023
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 26, 2023
Hudson Hawks: How A Promising Agency Tech Startup Struck Out With Holding Cos., Stiffed Lots Of People
National TV Spending Falls 11% Summer-To-Date, Live Broadcast Viewing Drops 25%
Linear TV Reaches New Dipping Point - But Is It A Tipping Point?
Nielsen Will Incorporate 1st-Party Amazon Data In 'Thursday Night Football' Ratings
Macy's Sales Fall As Consumers Cut Back
Why Retail Media Could Overtake Search
Omnicom Strikes First-Mover Deal With Criteo, Gains Access To 'Digital Shelf' Data
Roark Capital Buys Subway For $9.6B
Pepsi Celebrates Turning 125
When The News Hits Home
Long Journey Of New 'Frasier' Reaches Destination October 12
Ad Tech Rediscovering Ukraine At IT Arena This Fall
'National Cinema Day' Looks To Build Moviegoing Business Again This Year
Nearly $964B Ad Spend Forecast, 5 Companies To Have A Major Impact
Prince Andrew Is Latest Subject Of A&E's 'Secrets' Series
X Blocks Links To Political Organizing Platform Used By Democratic Party
Musk's Removal Of News Headlines On X Outrages Journalists
The End Of Advertising, Or A New Beginning?
A Picture Worth A Thousand Words, Er, Cheers
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023
Threat Report Finds Malvertising Accelerating Due To Weak Ad Market
Google Faces Calls For Investigation Into Children's Privacy
Agencies Seen As Lucrative M&A Targets
Ad Industry Urges California Lawmakers To Reject New Data Broker Bill
Brands Shifting Media Buys Into Product Placement, Study Finds
ABC's Newest 'Bachelor' Is A Golden Oldie
As Target's Sales Fall, It Promises A Happier Pride -- Whatever That Means
Turns Out X Actually Is A Much Healthier And Safer Platform -- If You're A Nazi
Google Must Face Claims It Overcharged Pay-Per-Click Advertisers, Judge Rules
How Canada Is Killing Its News Industry
Papa John's Puts Media, Creative Accounts In Review
Papa John's Focuses On DEI, Values In Agency Search
CTV Hits New Monthly Record Ad Spend Of $1B In June
TikTok Now Banned On All NYC Government Devices
YouTube, Hasbro, Others Press Judge To Toss Lawsuit Over Children's Privacy
Target Sued Over Pride Campaign, DEI Policy
Who's Still Watching TV?
Stagwell Feels The Need For Speed In Brand Tracking
Actor Gets $0.81 Residual Check For Original NBCU Episode On Streaming
Amanda Richman Takes Up Residence At The IAB
Behind Amazon's Move To Expand Ads On Third-Party Sites
A Non-Linear TV First: Tops 50% Share Of Viewing In July
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 12, 2023
Meta Seeks New Hearing In Battle Over Former Ad-Targeting Options
Ad Frequency Overload Becomes Defining Challenge In CTV Ad World
Advertisers Losing $6.6B To Bid Shading
ANA Opposes FTC's Proposed Rules For Health Information
Disney Upfront Completed, 'In Line' With Year-Ago Volume
Working In Nvidia's Omniverse, WPP Helps Denza Build New Design, Marketing Systems
Walmart Testing In-Store Ads, Demos
Stagwell's Penn: We're Beginning To See A Return To Normal
KKR To Acquire Simon & Schuster For $1.62B
Here's What Publir Is And Who Is Behind It: A Conversation With Anand Ramanujan
California Appeals Order Delaying Enforcement Of New Privacy Regulations
U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: How It Affects Advertising
General Motors Hits It Big With Barbie
RFK Jr. Sues YouTube Over 'Censorship Campaign'
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023
Genius At Work: Paul Reubens And 'Pee-wee's Playhouse'
Humor Returns To Advertising Amid Longer-Term Decline
Fritos Awards Free Haircuts To USA Mullet Contestants
Comedian Jim Gaffigan Offers 'Straight Talk' To Walmart Shoppers In Wireless Campaign
Amazon Reports Ad Sales Up 22%, Strong Demand For AI Services
Yelp Reports Record $322M In Q2 Ad Revenue
WBD: Higher Upfront Volume, Zero Price Gains
WPP Shares Fall On Slower Q2 Growth, Reduced Full-Year Outlook
ANA's Kroll Analysis: Advertisers Paying Twice For Some Programmatic Fees
Horizon Media: Viewers Back Hollywood Strikers, Plan To Watch Alternative Programming
Blended CTV Ad Inventory Is Bigger Risk To Writers & Actors Than AI
Strike Or No Strike, Ordinary Viewers Have Plenty To Watch
Report: Americans Side With Striking Writers, Actors Over The Companies They Work For
Dentsu: 'Radio Shines,' Outperforms Attention Paid To Video Ads
DoubleVerify To Acquire Scibids For $125 Million
Meta Starts Blocking News Content In Canada
TikTok's Upcoming Ad Product Bypasses Privacy Regulations
American Media Brand History X
X Corp. Sues Anti-Hate Speech Group, Claims It Scared Advertisers
RFK Jr. Sues YouTube Over 'Censorship Campaign'
Lincoln Project Accuses Penn Of Plotting To Return Trump To The White House
The Impact Of Xandr's Political Ad Ban: Mostly Symbolic