Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for August 2012
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 17, 2012
Oh, No, It's An Adultery Device Too: 'Time' Discovers 'Wireless'...In Print...Without Irony
Study: More Users Clicking Ads, Rise In M-Commerce Comfort
The Decline And Fall Of Tablets
Report: Apple In Talks With Cable Companies Over TV Partnership
Generational Shift: The Convergence Of Global Tech
Hispanics Prefer At-Home Entertainment
Guardian Upgrades Its IPad Eyewitness App
Canon Imagination Goes To Hollywood And Beyond
Samsung Launches Galaxy Note Tablet
Google Maps Tackles Transit Updates
Hot Mobile Shopping Apps
Discover Confirms Google Wallet Deal
Apple TV Box Would Be Surprising
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012
M-Payments Forecast To Reach $1.3 Trillion By 2017
Report: Apple Wants To Get Under TV's Hood, Talks To Cable Ops
Parents With Kids Most Likely To M-Shop
Olympics Were More Mobile Than Social
IBM's Good Shares Data Strategies
An App For Tuning In To News-Worthy TV Chatter
Precision Health Launches CMM With Mobile Nets
Big Retailers Team On Mobile Wallet Effort
Court Oks Warrantless Mobile Tracking
Samsung Launches Galaxy Note Tablet
Conde Nast Releases 'Fashion Hazard' Game
BYOD Opens Door To Financial Losses
Jiffy Lube Franchisee Settles Spam Case For $47 Mil
UK Satellite Operator Turns iPad Into Remote Control
Q Magazine Preps Launch Of IPad Edition
Online Real Estate Advertising To Climb 15%
Can Female Programmers Crack The Creepiness Of Friend Finder App?
Online Video, Mobile Video Bright Spots In Media Forecast; Video CPMs Rise
Microsoft/Nokia To Unveil New Lumia Phone Sept. 5
'Golf Digest Live' Debuts
New 'Facedeals' App Uses Facial Recognition Software For Automatic Check-Ins
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012
Tripling Down: Global Growth Will Supercharge Mobile Ad Market By 2016
Twitter Debuts New Platform Medium
54% Never Viewed; 35% of Viewers Never Engaged Mobile Advertising
Digital Radio Channel Debuts IPad App
How To Revive Local Search Lost Opportunities
App Users Say, Give Us Better, More Interactive Ads
Has Former Apple Retail Whiz Hit Rocks?
There's a Category For That App
BBC Updates IPlayer App To Support Retina Display
Velti Narrows Loss In Q2
AnyPresence Closes $5.5M Funding
Pinterest Arrives On iPad And Android
JiWire Rolls Out 'Location Graph'
Obama Beats Romney On The Digital Trail
Court Oks Warrantless Mobile Tracking
Facebook Testing Page Post Ads In News Feed
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012
The Mobile Campaign Of 2012: Romney And Obama Have Early App Gaffes
Most Common Place To Go Mobile: In Bed
Gartner To Slash Mobile Growth Predictions
Google Acquires Frommer, Ups Social's Influence On Search
London 2012 Reveals Late-night IPad Fetish
Ford Salespeople Get iPad App To Seal The Deal On The Lot
'Rolling Stone' Launches iPhone App
Project Gives Power To App Users
Q&A: A Social Olympics? Or Mobile?
CVS Turns To Shopkick To Boost Mobile Retail
Making Mobile Security A Snap
Stride Gum Mint Goes Apple
Mobile Purchase Paths Are Still Product-Specific
Velti Narrows Loss In Q2
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 13, 2012
More Than Multi-Screening: Olympics Viewers Crafting Their Own Personalized Coverage
Travel Research Trumps Bookings On Smartphones
Google To Cut 4,000 Motorola Jobs
Social Element Will Move Mobile Payments To Next Level
Walgreens Campaign Touts Its History Of Innovation
2.1% Of Guardian's IPad Readers Pay Up
Mobile Marketing Freeze Tag
Obama Organizer App Raises Privacy Fears
IBM Eyes RIM Corporate BlackBerry Software
London Olympics Live Streams Triple Beijing, Mobile Drives Young Demos
News Reader Pulse Debuts Web App
FTC Signs Off On Facebook Privacy Settlement
Upstart Takes On Twitter
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 10, 2012
Cartoon Network Puts Toons/Games Multitasking On One Mobile Screen
Breaking The M-Payments Logjam? Major Players And Rivals Join ETA Committee
Mobile Viewing Biggest Driver of Online Sports, Olympics Viewing
Brands Need Integrated Campaigns To Reach Connected Consumers
Internet Vs. Retailer: Round 12
Facebook Updates Self-Serve Ad Tool
Someone Explain The Video Promoting The New Yorker's iPhone App, Please!
Mag Bag: 'Relish' Launches Daily Dish App
Yahoo's Olympics Coverage Draws 2B Page Views
Intel, Artists, Brands Team For 'Ultrabook Experience'
VHI Adds Social Elements To 'Pop Up Video'
Future Preps IPad-only Photography Magazine
Apple Ads Hit Low
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012
Big Mo For 'SoMo': Quarter of Americans Access Social Nets By Phone
Why Google Wanted The iOS-YouTube Deal To Expire
Trend Becomes Reflex: Mobile Evolving As The Here-And-Now Medium
Skin Tight Mobile: Wearable Tech A $6 Billion Market By 2016
Mobile & The ADD Crowd
Google's Engine Integrates Gmail, Mobile Voice Apps
Millennial Media Expands Ad Base, Increases Revs
Google Testing Icon In Mobile
Android, Apple Rule Phone Biz
Facebook Opens Up App Subscriptions
NBC Releases Free 'Grimm' eBook
Zynga COO Steps Down
As End Nears, Olympians Take To Twitter
Light-Up Phone Cases Coming For Christmas
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012
Local Offers, Relevance Drive Mobile For Restaurants, Travel, Cars
Facebook Adds Mobile Ads For Apps
Whose Cell Phone Is An Extension Of Their Personality?
Apple Bites Google
It Is A Reflex Now: Almost Half Of Smartphone Owners Now Using Shopping Apps
Living In The 50 Percent Mobile Club
'Seventeen' Mag Gets Super M-Activated For Back-To-School
Starbucks Partners With Square On M-Payments
AdLarge Reps Ad Sales For Yahoo Sports Radio
Apple's Yanked Ads: Jive Or Genius?
Data Won't Solve Bing's Mobile Hesitation
Samsung Has Nearly Half Of Market In Europe
A Quarter Of Americans Mobile Social Networking
Ask Not What You Can Do Via Mobile - Ask What Mobile Can Do For You
Targeting Data Boosts Mobile CTR
Android Doubles Shipments In Q2
On Mobile, "The Knot' Mag's Not The Greatest
People Want Faster Mobile Web Experience
Coke Tops Pepsi in Mobile Scans
Publicis Groupe Buys Resultrix, Strengthens Mobile
Boingo Buys Wi-Fi Startup Cloud Nine Media
Chrysler To Offer Sprint Hotspot
Google Testing Icon In Mobile
Starbucks Gets Squared
Second-Screen Viewing: The Next CRM Tool?
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012
Foursquare Evolves Beyond The Check-In
Foursquare Hires Yahoo Sales Veteran
Now Onto The 'Year Of AR' And The Post-Smartphone Era?
TuneIn Mobile Listeners Up 267% In Year
Nuance Pinpoints Enterprise Voice Search
Nexage Raises Another $5 Million
Study Maps Twitter Connections, Target Demos
On Mobile, "The Knot' Mag's Not The Greatest
comScore: iPad Users Skew Younger, Wealthier
StrikeAd Expanding In Asia
Olympics Viewership Scores Cross-Platform
GoPago Offers Merchants Free Tablets, Service
AdLarge Reps Ad Sales For Yahoo Sports Radio
Win With Mobile Ads: Focus on Value
Real-Money Gaming Apps Hit (UK) Facebook
Potpourri: iAd Redux, Brand Flash Cards, An Infinite Trailer, And Elvis Too
Jumptap: Targeting Data Boosts Mobile CTR
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 6, 2012
Papa Murphy's Boasts 100K SMS Database And Up To 18% Coupon Redemptions
Mobile Women Bring Home Social TV Olympic Gold
Optimizing Tips For Web Sites Going Mobile
Tweet This: Why NBC's Olympics Coverage Isn't An #NBCFail
Mobile Wallets On Rise, NFC Tech Still Not Mainstream
FT Explains How It Reached Digital Milestone
Data Is Power? Obama App Makes Anyone A Political Bean Counter
Furby Is Back...And All App-ed Up
Yet Another Apps Search Engine
Streaming Olympics Pays Off For NBC
Zynga Has A Mobile Problem
UK Retailer Gives Shoppers Free WiFi In Stores
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