Publishers Daily Editions for January 2017
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
IAB's Rothenberg Calls For Industry Effort Against Fake News
Publishers Register Opposition, Concern Over Trump's Immigration Order
'Dallas Morning News' Cuts 25 Jobs, Moves Design To Gatehouse Center For News & Design
Huffington Post Ratifies First Union Contract
IAB Tech Lab Unveils Overhaul To Content Taxonomy
Assembly Lands
Publishers Daily - Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Breitbart's Bannon Joins National Security Council
'NYT' To Launch 'Daily' Podcast With Michael Barbaro
'Metro' Readers Grows Almost 4 Million In Print, Digital
Jim Norton Of Conde Nast Elected Chairman Of IAB Board of Directors
Google AMP In News Section More Than Doubles Ranking Results
Ads Optimized By Google AMP Load Six Times Faster
'Domino' CEO Nathan Coyle On The Importance Of A Multiplatform Brand
Publishers Daily - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
Conde Nast Drops Publisher Title, Adds New Ones
NatGeo Cuts Edit, Rights Clearance Staff
Top Trending Topics in Ad Tech
Time Inc Relaunches, Enhances User Experience
The Rise Of The Publisher-Buyer Matchmaking Specialist
Horizon Creates Role To Navigate Evolving Print-Digital Medium
More Than One In Four Ignore Sponsored Content
Most Americans Don't Trust Social Media News, But It Only Takes A Few
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
Facebook, Google Move Against Fake News
McClatchy Taps Foreman As CEO, Accelerates Digital Efforts
Centro's Political Arm Saw 80% Success Rates In 2016 Cycle
Snapchat Tightens Rules On Fake News And Nude Images
Tabloids Out Of Touch With UK Adults, Research Shows
An Axios Of Hope
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017
Gov. Christie Revives Bill To Axe Legal Notices
'Bon Appetit' Serves Up 'Healthyish' Vertical
Ozy Media Raises $10 Million, Expands Staff, Video
Google Releases 2016 Bad Ads Report, Updates On Fake News
Publishers Making Pennies From Third-Party Distribution
'Guardian' Plans To Slash Costs By 20% To Break Even In Three Years
Trump Names 2 Breitbart Reporters To Administration
Trump Tells Federal Workers To Stop Communicating With Press
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
Platform Partnerships Remain Small Part Of Publishing Biz
China Oceanwide Diversifies Global Portfolio, Acquires IDG
Vox Media Names Lindsay Nelson First CMO
North Jersey Media Group Initiates More Layoffs
Amid Social Video Craze, Don't Neglect O&O
Fashion Editor Fired Over Rude Email About Intern
Netflix Acquires Rights To Film About Hulk Hogan's Battle With Gawker
Publishers Say Less Than 10% Of Digital Ad Revenues Coming From Programmatic
Snapchat Attacks 'Fake News,' Click-Bait
Newspaper Group Cheers Ajit Pai's Elevation To FCC Chairman
What's Search's Role In Combating Fake News?
Publishers Daily - Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Trump Steps Up War Of Words Against Media, Media Fires Back
'WaPo' Creates 'Today's WorldView' Newsletter, Targets Global Audience
Hearst Acquires Michigan-Based Newspaper Publisher Pioneer Group
Investopedia Launches 'The Trump Economy' Microsite
Google Awards $50,000 To British Start-Up Tackling Fake News
NYT Retires One of Its Older Email Addresses
Cover Story: Trump Time
Publishers Say Less Than 10% Of Digital Ad Revenues Coming From Programmatic
Publishers Daily - Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Yes, The Big Newspapers Took Political Sides (And It Didn't Work)
'Players' Tribune' Locks In $40M In Financing, Expands Video, Edit Operations
'Washington Post' Launches Lily Platform For Millennial Women
Time Inc Restructures, 30 Sales, Marketing Staffers Exit
'The Guardian' Launches Email Newsletter, 'The Week In Patriarchy'
Microsoft Debuts Fresh Windows 10 Test Build
CNN Is Looking For An Honest Fake News Reporter
Fake News Didn't Sway Election (Probably)
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017
How Fake News Is Made (Up)
'NYT' Report Emphasizes Need For Digital Content, Staff Diversity
NYT Taps Perpich As President For Wirecutter Site
Publisher To Create Trump Financial News Site
Programmatic Native Ads Are Growing, But Banner Habit Is Hard To Break
Clinton, Trump Voters Had Very Different News Consumption Habits in 2016
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
'High Times' Heads To L.A.
Voice Media Group Puts 'LA Weekly' Up For Sale
Trump Won't Move Press Briefings After Press Outcry
Google Disables Ad Blocker AdNauseam
Theresa May To Become First PM On Vogue's Cover
Under The Klieg Lights, 'Variety' Has A Branded Content Studio
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