Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for February 2017
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017
How Will Marketers Acquire New Customers In 2017?
Amazon Web Services Outage Cripples Internet
Study Cites 40% Of Conversion Rates Miscounted With Antiquated Attribution
Google AMP Tops 100 Technology Platforms
Netflix Chief: We'll Keep Pace With Technology
Judge Sides Against Google In 'Faceprint' Battle
What's Next? YouTube TV Is Latest Streamer
Drowning In A Sea Of Tech
Using 'Near Me' To Your Advantage
Google's End-To-End Encrypted Email Code Goes Open-Source
Google Says It Solves Gmail Phishing Scam
Google Play Store Promoting Games Based On Engagement
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
Even For Search Geeks, Mobile Display To Take A Big Chunk Of Ad Revenue
Google Reminds Advertisers To Say Good-Bye To Converted Clicks
Smartphones Cannibalize Web Site Visits From Other Devices
How The Home Depot Optimizes Omni-Channel
YouTube Comes To Comcast's X1 Box
Rubicon Project Names CFO, VP Product Management
Privacy Advocates Slam Pai For Weakening Online Security
Why TED Talks Should Target Kids
Urban Outfitters Gains 75% Conversion Rate With Location
How AI Will Transform B2B Marketing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
The Walls Have Ears
Google Uncovers, Assists In Plugging Massive Cloud Data Leak
Google AMP Contributes 7% Of U.S. Publisher Traffic Across Devices
Personal Loan Keyword Spending Rises On Google
More Than 40% Of Online Ads Make Sites Sluggish
Burning Questions: Conversations With Customers
Carts Guru Extends Shopping Cart Recovery Solution
Brands Rev Up NASCAR Daytona 500 Activations
Highways Jammed With Broken Heroes
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
Diversity Tweaks Paid Search
Google's Perspective AI Takes On 'Toxic' Comments For Publishers
Apple Search Ads Boost iOS App Use, Retention In North America
Zeta Global Becomes Gartner 'Visionary'
Digital Media Growth Slow, TV Remains Strong
Marketer Confidence Rises Overall, But Falls On Key Objectives: Targeting, ROI, Etc.
Revcontent Acquires Machine Learning Startup, Rover, For More Than $30M
comScore Offers Mobile Metrics For YouTube
Time-Based Digital Ad Pricing Unites Media, Creative Teams
Web Publishers Increasingly Adopt Encryption
Amazon Fights Police Demand For Echo Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
Record Number Of Product Reviews Driving Search, Purchases
Advertising's Next Step: A Fully Integrated Real-Time Network
Facebook Chatbots Hit 70% Failure Rate As Consumers Warm Up To The Tech
Google Agrees To MRC Third-Party Audit For YouTube
Understanding Cognitive Bias To Interpret Data, Understand Trends
'Gag Clauses' Illegal, FTC Reminds Marketers
Criteo Reports Q4 Revenue Increased 43%, While FY '16 Revenue Increased 36%
Google To Phase Out Site Search
Desktop Conversions Still Outpace Mobile
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017
Data Breaches Force Yahoo To Amend Verizon Deal By $350 Million
Google Patent On Location Labels Uses Unique Data To Pinpoint Position
Google Earns MRC Accreditation For Video, Desktop And Mobile Web
Oreo, Google Take 'Dunk' Challenge Digital, Add Location
The Benefits Of Serendipity
AOL Study Confirms A Mobile Movement For Video
Too Many Fish In The Sea: The Search For Brand Love
Alexa To Hit The TV Screen With New GBP40 Fire TV Stick
Google Squares Up To Alexa On Ecommerce
Google, Microsoft Take On UK Piracy Sites
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
Paid Search Owned Valentine's Day Clicks, Mobile Purchases Rose 107%
Ignite Search Tool Identifies Average-Joe Influencers For Brands
Could Google And Uber Run Britain's Trains?
The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning
FTC Files Privacy Concern Over High Tech Doll
The Mobile Web Is Quietly Killing Off Retail Apps
Kantar Watermark Moves Step Closer To Becoming 'UPC Code For Media'
Expert Warns Against Siloed Email Campaigns
How Big Data Can Be A Partner For Marketers
Snap Begins Selling Video-Recording Spectacles Online
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
Google Search, Display Select Turns Green Capital Greener
YouTube Nixes 30-Second Unskippable Ads As Mobile Video Views Skyrocket
Baidu Acquires AI Voice Assistant To Compete With Google, Amazon
Mobile Location-Based Video Ads Positioned For Growth In 2017
Potential Security Threats Found In 178 Million Connected Devices
AI M&A Gathers Momentum
Facebook Adds Job Listings To Its Business Section
The Email Edge: Does The Gmail Study Have The Stuff?
Zuckerberg's Global Ambition
Microsoft Claims To Have Improved Email Search
BuzzFeed News Adds 'Outside Your Bubble' Feature
Alphabet Uses AI To Help 'Loon' Float
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Search Contributes To Mobile Influence Of $1 Trillion In Retail Sales
Google Home Adds Voice Shopping For Everyday Items
Brands Not Delivering On Content, Market Share Goes Unclaimed
Hackers Accessed Some Yahoo Accounts Without Passwords
Emotional Vs. Lighthearted: The Lure Of Advertisements
Half Of Snapchat Users Open Brand Stories
Why Voice Won't Replace Screen Search
Mobile Ad Requests With Location Data On The Rise
Evidon Sells Ghostery To Mozilla-Backed German Browser Developer
B2B Marketers Choose Quality
GOP Senator Preps Resolution To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
Amazon, Google Could Turn Speakers Into Phones
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
Google's DeepMind: When AI Can Contemplate Competition Or Cooperation
Google Home, Amazon Echo Will Become Your Home Phone
Analytics Call Startup IOVOX Expands To U.S., Secures $10M In Funding
IPG Finds Skipping 'Skippable Ads' Has Become Ingrained Behavior, Offers Solutions
comScore Accredited For Mobile Viewable Impressions
Apple, Samsung, Google Race For Mobile Payments
Is Facebook Really Dumb Enough To Put Video Revenue Ahead Of User Experience?
Email Remains B2B Marketers' Most Preferred Channel
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