Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for June 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Hello Marketers -- Voice Still Frustrates Users
Google Acquires Smart Glass Maker North, With Focus On Ambient Computing
The Cookieless Future Won't Give Up On Data
Google Removes Ads Promoting Voting Misinformation, Scams
YouTube Bans Prominent White Supremacist Channels
Conservative Activists To Pursue 'Censorship' Battle Against Tech Companies
Ad Industry Interest Spikes For 'Content Personalization,' 'Demographics'
Google Warning: Old G Suite Apps Will Stop Working In August
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 29, 2020
Timing May Be Perfect For Former Google Ad Exec's Subscription Search Engine Model
Google Brings Free Listings To Search Results Page In U.S.
AI Concierge Platform Integrates Into Google Search, Maps, Allows Businesses To Receive Calls, Texts
Centro Basis Integrates With Microsoft Advertising For Paid-Search Campaign Management
Tremor Video's Creative-Driven Approach Strips Out Black And White Assumptions
Local Advertising To Sink 13.1% In 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 26, 2020
Google Adds Group Calling To 'Meet' And 'Duo'
Quora Becomes A WFH Workforce Built On Diversity
Searches On Yelp For Black-Owned Businesses Rose Nearly 2000% Since May
What Is Google Giving You For Your 31%?
The Gmail-Windows 10 Bombshell: What It Means For Emailers
YouTube Testing TikTok Clone
Ferrero And The Great Chocolate Search Of 2020
New Ecommerce Shoppers Plan To Continue After Pandemic: Study
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 25, 2020
Speed Turns Into A Performance Metric, Per Google Commissioned Study
YouTube Personalizes TV Viewing, Highlights Ad Tools In Its First Virtual Brandcast
Google News Plans To Licence Content From Some Publishers
Zeta's New Data Tool Analyzes Changing Consumer Behavior As Brands Search For Performance
Lady Gaga, Adobe Call On Little Monsters To Create Their Own 'Chromatica'
MRC 'Modernizes' 5-Year-Old Invalid Traffic Standards To Account For New Forms Of Ad Fraud
New Bill Would Require Platforms To Disclose Content Removal Policies
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Small Business Advertisers Sue Google For Antitrust Violations
Amazon Counterfeit Crime Unit Launches, Follows Similar Crackdown By Google
Google Steps Up Privacy And Incognito Mode, Will Auto-Delete Data At 18 Months
Mental Health Concerns Heightened Among Execs At Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft
Vice Media Group Calls For Reform Of Advertising Keyword 'Blocklists'
The Cheating Consumer: Study Finds Brand Loyalty Is 'Up For Grabs'
News Publishers Have Stronger Case Against Google
Microsoft Bug Lands Emails In Gmail Spam Folder: Reports
The Evolution Of Social Media
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Customer Loyalty Overrated -- Marketers Should Consider Consumer Habits Instead
Google's New App Keen A Source For Referral Traffic, Search Interests
Google To Call Businesses Checking On In-Stock Availability
Eyeota Brings Audience Segments To Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter
Foursquare Location Data Finds New Uses In Advertising Based On Performance
NBCU's Peacock Premium To Be Available On Google Platforms, Devices Free Through Oct. 15
GroupM: 2020 Global Ad Total To Fall $70 Billion (11.8%)
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 22, 2020
Google U.S. Ad Revenue Estimated To Drop For First Time In 12 Years
Drive-In Movie Theaters Give Brands New Opportunity To Reach Consumers
Families Of Women Who Portrayed Aunt Jemima Object To Change, Searches Skyrocket
Hispanic Market Ready To Hit New Highs, Demands
Black YouTube Users Accuse Google Of Restricting Videos Based On Race
Data Reveals Trends In Addressable Geo-Fencing And OTT/CTV Through COVID-19
Google Brings Fact Checking To Images
How Marketing Content Needs Are Changing With Local Inventory Challenges
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 19, 2020
Fitness Equipment Brands: Time To Rethink Campaigns As Gyms Re-Open
Marketers, Agencies Say It's Time Campaigns Go Multilingual, Multicultural
What Brands Can Expect As Stay-At-Home Orders End
Publicly Available Data Is Personal, French Data Authority Rules
Google Confirms Non-SMS Verification Method
DAN's 360i Supports Facebook Boycott
'WaPo' Blackface Story Takes Cancel Culture To New Extreme
With Influencers And OTT, Tula's Strategy Soothes The Savage Sales Crisis
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 18, 2020
Services Like Instacart Created As A Result Of Pandemic Are Here To Stay
Google Cracks Down On Clickbait Ads Related To 'Sensationalist' Text, Images
YouTube Adds Direct-Response Ad Formats
Google Search Inherent AI Bias And What's Being Done To Correct It
Google Sued Over Allegedly Deceptive Pine-Sol Ads
Google Meet Is Now In Gmail for iOS and Android
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Yelp Builds Out COVID-19 Section, As Data Reveals Larger Economic Impact
Justice Department Plans To Weaken Protection For Internet Companies Including Google, YouTube, Facebook
Google Launches Smart Campaigns Features To Aid SMBs
Google Adds Financial Resources, Tools To Help Non-Profits, SMBs During Recovery
Kenshoo, Profitero Data, Ecommerce Partnership Looks Promising For Brands
Google Fights Privacy Suit Over Facial-Recognition Technology
Meal Delivery Service Freshly Launches B2B Platform
Google Bans ZeroHedge From Ad Platform
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