Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for September 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020
Borrell: Ad Budgets Restart As Small And Mid-Sized Businesses Feel Better About Economy
Merkle: Brands Increase Online Ad Budgets, Concerned About FedEx, UPS Holiday Meltdown
Google Display & Video 360, Campaign Tools Improve Forecasting, Measurement For CTV, Video Ads
Back-To-School Ecommerce Jumped This Year: Study
Magna Reduces 2020 U.S. Ad Outlook Another Three-Tenths Of A Point: Now -4.6%
Verizon Media Brands Roll Out Editorial Initiatives For Hispanic Heritage Month
Judge Won't Block Trump's Order Against TikTok
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020
Google's Answer To TikTok
Details Of Oracle, TikTok Deal Starting To Emerge, Possibly Putting Walmart Back In Play
Apple Not Talking About Identifier for Advertisers At Its Streaming Event
Two Traits Will Get Companies, Brands Through COVID-19 Crisis
Viral Nation Launches Cross-Platform Influencer Marketing Tool
Vermont Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against Clearview Over Facial Recognition
Verizon Media Launches Header Bidding-Like OTT Solution
Analysis Shows Broadcast Campaigns Performing As Well, If Not Better, During COVID-19 Pandemic
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 14, 2020
COVID-19 Drives 130 $2 Billion Online Shopping Days In U.S. This Year
Oracle Confirms Deal With TikTok -- How Will It Benefit Advertisers?
Google Shares Exclusive Data On How B2B Buyers Changed, Adapted During COVID-19
White House To Review Oracle, ByteDance TikTok Proposal: Mnuchin
IBM Shows Through Nielsen How It Targets Ads Without Third-Party Cookies Or Identifiers
ByteDance Rejects Microsoft's Bid For TikTok
Ad-Lib, Google Display & Video 360 Integration Connects Creative, Media, Claims First Rights
Why Oracle's TikTok Deal May Be Vague And Unclear, Even After It Is Formally Announced
Global, U.S. Ad Cost Inflation Moderates To 3.3%, 2.7%, Respectively
GroupM: Global Ad Demand Improving, Turning 'Positive' In Some Markets
Oracle To Halt Third-Party Data Offering In Europe
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 11, 2020
Amazon Inspires Consumers To Buy, Pinterest Not So Much
Google Removes Autocomplete For Political-Related Queries
22Squared, NAACP Work To Dissolve Invisible Hate
YouTube Video Ads To Make Engaged-View Conversion Metrics Standard
TikTok Ban Violates First Amendment, Digital Rights Group Says
Decency Law Reforms Inadequate To Get Publishers To Pay For Content
'Brand Building,' 'Customer Communications' Ascend, So Does 'Spam'
Tech Phobia: Marketers Are Anxious About AI And Machine Learning
China Would Rather See TikTok Shutdown In U.S. Than Force Sale
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020
Indiana-Born McPherson Took 'Risky Bets' On The Path To Become CMO At Invoca
Outbrain, Taboola Call Off Merger, Citing Business Differences
Facebook Goes Back To Its Roots, Launches Campus College Network
How In-Store Visits Impact Online, Offline Purchase Cycle -- Even Now
Nielsen Shutters Place-Based Audience Measurement Service
TAG Rolls Out Global Brand-Safety Seal
Trump's Potential Supreme Court Picks Include Big Tech Critics
Former Apple Engineer Debuts New Gmail Client In Beta
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020
Did Rise In Programmatic Lead Google CEO To Pledge $10 Billion To India's Digital Future?
Hate, Anger In Content Feeds Drive Facebook Engineer To Publicly Resign
IAB Europe's Supply Path Optimization Guide Relies On Brands, Agencies, Publishers
InMarket CEO Says NinthDecimal Acquisition Will Push Revenue To $100M, Improve Data-Driven Marketing
Cohen Succeeds Rothenberg As IAB Chief
Ireland Orders Facebook To Stop Transferring User Data To U.S.
Customer Experience Platform Sprinklr Raises $200 Million In Series G Funding
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020
Microsoft Advertising Premieres 'The Download' Video Series
Malvertising Scam Driven By Personalization Hits U.S. During Labor Day Weekend
Italy's Competition Authority Opens Probe Into Google, Apple, Dropbox Cloud Services
RTB House Creates Streaming Video Ads, First Major Product From AI Marketing Lab
Algolia Integrates With Salesforce To Power Search
Professional Ballerina Turned Harte Hanks Chief Strategist Delves Into Human Behavior
Ad Revenue Declines In Q2 Exceed Initial Estimates For U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand
122 Years After Founding, Cramer-Krasselt Looks To The Past To Guide Its Future
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 4, 2020
How Google Uses Artificial Intelligence To Predict Traffic
Kantar Becomes Only Measurement Partner In TikTok's Newly Launched Marketing Program
Carhartt Hard Hat Campaign Celebrates Laborers On Labor Day
Apple Delays Debut Of Anti-Tracking Tool Until Early Next Year
DoubleVerify's Custom Contextual Targeting Moves Into Beta
DoJ Antitrust Suit Against Google Is Imminent: Report
AT&T Says Tech Platforms Should Be Required To Disclose Algorithms
Criteo Names Sarah Glickman As CFO
Homegrown Marketing: The Hurdles To Localized Messaging
Latest Ad-Spend Data Reveals Much About Marketing And Society As A Whole
Apple To Delay iOS Change For IDFA Tracking
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020
Microsoft Takes On Deepfakes
TikTok Breeds Ad Scams, Pyramid Schemes, Fraudulent Celebrity Endorsements, Study Shows
China Using TikTok To Push Back Against 'America First,' Analyst Says
Apple Passes Digital, Value-Added Tax Increases On To Developers
LinkedIn Page Owners Now Can Learn More About Followers, Connect Employees
Why Apple And Google Are Turning Your Phone Into A Randomly Generated Sequence Of Numbers
Newsy Streams On Amazon App
Apple To Delay iOS Change For IDFA Tracking
Suit Accuses Yahoo Of Providing Dissident's Email Account To Chinese Officials
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020
Google Gender Bias Changing Retail Search Results
TikTok Core Algorithm Reportedly Stalling Sale Of U.S. Operations
Google Accused Of Censoring Democratic Digital Ad
Businesses In College Towns Closing At Higher Rates Due To COVID-19
Trump Outspends Biden On Digital Ads With Google
Merkle: How Much Loyalty Customers Have Depends On Several Factors
eBay Ad Campaign Focuses On Sellers
Court Revives Click Fraud Claims Against Google
Gmail And Outlook Are Hardly Identical: An Analysis
IAB Report Projects Digital Will Rise 6% Amid 8% Decline In U.S. Ad Spending This Year
Facts Versus Fiction: Debunking The Myths Around DRTV And Performance Marketing
NetBlaze Offers New Online Marketing Suite For SMBs
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