Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for May 2021
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 12, 2021
How Apple iOS 14.5 Update Changed Facebook Ad Spend
Nextdoor Data Identifies Changes In Consumers' Habits
Ad Agencies, NFTs And Cryptocurrency: What Media Execs Think
IAB: Podcast Advertising To Surpass $1B This Year
Automaker TV Spending Increases 148% Year-Over-Year
Contextual Ad Net Begins Filtering Publishers For Fake COVID News, Other Misinformation
Linear Addressable TV Revenues To Climb 33%, But Homes To Decline
Social Media Spend Up 60% Year-Over-Year
Clicking Through To The Click-Through: Global Rates During A Rough Time
Measuring Impact Of COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign: Q&A With Cuebiq
Microsoft Says Outlook Is Back Up After Outage
Onboarding Firm Integrates With Adobe CDP To Drive Identity Resolution
Post-COVID: 5 Mandates For The Agency Ecosystem
Google's Path To Dominating Local Reviews
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Marketing, Sales Teams Least Data-Driven Departments
Oracle Moat Integrates Directly Into Taboola
Yelp Ad Business Adds Self-Serve, Copy, Tracking, Budget Options
Tambo Taps iProspect's Farley For Marketplace Consultancy Division
Publicis' Epsilon First To Receive MRC Stamp For Measuring Outcomes
Platforms Undercompensate Local TV By Nearly $2B Per Year: Broadcaster Study
TiVo's CTV Ad Inventory Now On Xandr Marketplace
Microsoft Blocks Google, LinkedIn Emails Due To Glitch
CitiGroup Takes Cautious, Contrarian View On Google, Facebook, Digital Ad Growth
News Media Alliance Pushes Lawmakers To Let Publishers Band Together
DSP Trade Desk Reports Big Gains, Warns Of Future Declines
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 10, 2021
What Agencies Say About The Job Market
Microsoft Search Volume Identifies Post-Pandemic Trends
A Conversation With Gila Wilensky On Xaxis' 10th Anniversary
Roku Calls Google 'Unchecked Monopolist' After Google Offers YouTube TV App Workaround
Our Brand Is No Longer Crisis
Advertising On Hold
Tegna Sees 9% Rise In Q1 Ad Revenues; Subscriber Biz Gains 16%
Microsoft Uncovers Large Business Email Compromise Attack
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 7, 2021
The Mother Of All Performance Metrics
Roger West Taps Lever Interactive's Peyton As Director Of Digital Strategy
Mother's Day Push: Brands Up Their Email Sends, Web Traffic Rises
Beyond Mother's Day: Why A Moment Marketing Strategy Is Crucial
OAAA Releases 'Industry-Wide' Media Mobile Measurement Standard For Digital OOH Media
Study: Retail Media Networks Need To Evolve Faster, Share More Data
NBCU Scales Up Peacock's Reach With New Spotlight Ad Format, Expands DAI, Contextual Offerings
Intent Data Reveals 'Traditional Marketing' Disconnect Between Advertisers And Agencies
Broadband Industry Financed Phony Comments Against Net Neutrality
House Lawmaker To Convene Privacy Roundtables
Google To Make 2FA Security Protection The Default
How AI Helps Savvy Email Marketers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 6, 2021
Apple Framework Isn't The End Of The Tracking World As We Know It -- Yet
New Platform Democratizes Retail Performance Data For Small, Emerging CPGs
VAB: Nielsen Improves Reach, Data Estimates
Nielsen One 'Currency' Expected In 2022, Some Components Appearing Now
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Vice Calls To End 'Data Discrimination'
Beyond Mother's Day: Why A Moment Marketing Strategy Is Crucial
The Rise Of Social Audio
Diversity in Advertising: Avoid The Obvious
Hard Paywalls Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Soft Paywalls
U.S. Tech Companies Dominate The World. So Now What?
A CMO Weighs In On What CMOs Need To Do To Survive
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Why Microsoft Is Giving Away Some Data Integration To Sell More Ads
Porsche, Google Among Brands Embracing 'Star Wars Day'
Del Taco Ramping Up Breakfast, Enables Ordering Via Google
Net Neutrality 'Vital' To Protect The Public, California Tells Appeals Court
Kantar Taps Ebiquity's Meyer, Nielsen's Lauinger As 'Domain Leaders'
COVID Content Rush: B2B Consumption Rose 22% Last Year
Welcoming Re-Humanization Of Brand, Customer Experience
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 4, 2021
BrandTotal CMO Survey Evaluates Advertising Creative Performance, Impact
YouTube Brandcast Delivered: What It Means For Advertising, Performance
Healthcare Search Terms Link To Vital Information, Lift Results During Pandemic
IAB: Average CTV Advertiser Spending Surged 22% In 2020
CTV Ad Impressions Up: Roku, Amazon Score Q1 Strong Gains
Ad Execs: Podcasts Ad Spending Poised To Surge
GroupM's Schiekofer: Streaming Innovations Include Co-Producing Client Content With Platforms
Mobile Advertisers: Context Is King, Again
Comscore Sheds Light On First OOH Measurement Deal
Play It Again With Retargeting: Brands Cite Channels And Challenges
How Brands Are Unlocking The Marketing Power Of Clubhouse
Crackle Plus To Bow Chicken Soup For The Soul AVOD Network
Finding Jenny: Rite-Aid Rethinks Long-Term Strategy Around LTV
The Split-Second Timing Of Brand Trust
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 3, 2021
Is Apple Holding Back To Stifle The Web Or Create A Monopoly?
Verizon Media Sold, Company Renamed Yahoo
Google Becomes WNBA Changemaker For Women's National Basketball Association
Moscow-Born Ex-Googler Helps Brands Remove Stereotypes In Advertising
Publishers Grapple Over Email, Contextual Targeting To Replace Third-Party Cookies
Google Adds External Badge To Gmail As An Added Security Measure
From 'Mind-Numbing' To 'Bored To Death,' Digital Media Has An Image Problem
Amazon Is Millennials' No. 1 Brand. So Is Purpose-Driven Marketing Fruitless?
'Bonkers' Billions For Big Tech
Google To Help Vodafone Build Data Services