Social Media & Marketing Daily Editions for September 2016
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
Two-Thirds Of Employees Use Social Media At Work
Digital Engagement Index
Facebook Advertisers Hit 4M
Marketers Still Smarting Over Facebook Measurement Slip
Athletes Strive To Be Social
Facebook Moves Atlas Into Its Measurement Division
New Facebook Ad Campaign Will Urge Consumer To Stream Live Video
New Social Network Aimed At Tweens
Hyundai Joins With NFL For Social Promo
The Social And Mobile World Of Hispanic Millennials
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
Social Net For Tweens, ',' Launches
Digital Engagement Index
Facebook's Video Debacle Raises Serious Questions
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
Twitter Tempts Average Users By Opening 'Moments'
New Twitter Owner Will Face Challenge Of Kicking Out The Trolls
Facebook Banned From Collecting WhatsApp Data In Germany
Periscope Launches VIP Program
El Chavo Drinks Up California Milk
NEW! Land O'Lakes Will Donate 11 Meals For Every Food Pic Deleted From Instagram
The Story On Stories: Snapchat Vs. Instagram
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
Three Out Of Four Consumers Watch Brand Videos On Facebook
Kid-Friendly Messaging Platform Jet Hopes To Propel Safe Conversations With Children
Alexa, How Do I Go Viral?
Social, Not Search, Gaining More Of Marketers' Budgets
Can Big TV Companies Spin New Story Around Twitter Sale, Avoiding Mention Of MySpace?
Clinton Dominates Searches, While Trump Takes Social During Debates
Learnings From 31,000 Media Mentions And 26,000 Links
Twitter Defies Turkish Court
German Watchdog Bites Facebook Over WhatsApp Data Collection
Navigating The Marketer's Dilemma
Why Social Media Is Revenue Ready
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too
What's Next For Twitter, Now That It Has Lost Its Mojo?
Digital Engagement Index
Yep, The Affluent Can Improve Their Social Status. How? By Traveling
Advertisers Still Lack Digital Maturity
Reaching Generation Z
'Affix Label Here'
Apple Coolest Brand In UK, Again, Twitter Fails To Make Top 20
Do-Good Companies Appeal To Consumers, Bigger Brands
Branded Content Is King
German Regulator Orders Facebook To Stop Mining WhatsApp Data
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Social Media In Turmoil
Tech Companies Eye Troubled Twitter As Possible Acquisition
Digital Engagement Index
One Reporter Lets Facebook Rule His Life
Snapchat Debuts Spectacles That Record Video
WPP's Kantar Launches Global Public Sector Consultancy
IAB Releases New Ad Unit Portfolio For Public Comment
Snapchat Becomes Snap Inc And Launches Sunglasses
Facebook Admits Overestimating Average Video View Times
Ad Groups Call For Third-Party Oversight Of Facebook
Email Use Soars As Smartphone Addiction Takes Hold
The Zuckerberg In The Henhouse
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
LinkedIn Unveils Redesign, New Features
Digital Engagement Index
Is Instagram Approaching Ad Glut?
Social Listening For Preemptive Action (And Profit)
Publishers Should Love Google And Facebook, Tackle News-Thieving Parasite Start-Ups Instead
5 Things You Need To Know About Millennials And Health
Bumble Launches Photo Verification System
Instagram More Than Doubles Its Advertiser Base In Six Months
Instagram Doubles Advertiser Base In Six Months
UK Newspapers Ask Government For Help In Battle With Google and Facebook
Bluestacks Adds Facebook Live Option
Miscalculations From Facebook, Dentsu Could Force Ad Industry Change
UK Newspapers Ask Gov For Help Against Google, Facebook
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
YouTube Leads Facebook, Snapchat Among Teens
Digital Engagement Index
Riding The Autumn Wave Of Popular Culture
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
4 Questions To Ask Your Media Partner When Building A Distributed Campaign
Tumblr Adds 'Live Photos' To Web
Time Emerging As Industry Metric: Big Question Is How Long It Will Take
Twitter Offers Native Ads On Audience Platform
NEW! 'Rules For The Modern Woman' Gets A Netflix Upgrade In Social Media Campaign
WTF? New Study Claims Young People Love Their Mobile Devices! Shocker!
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
Obama Hails Social Media, Warns Against Misuse In Final U.N. Address
Digital Engagement Index
GE Has You Covered, Even When It Rains Octopi
Give Peace A Chance (And A Hug)
LoveTapp App Helps People Struggling With Opioid Addiction
Facebook Tailors Mobile Ads To Local Retailers' Stock
Big TV Awards Show: Are Consumers Seeing Through All The Glam?
Social Media Madness -- Who Is Leading Whom?
Public Health England Uses Facebook Bots To Help Smokers Quit During 'Stoptober'
German Authorities Threaten WhatsApp And Facebook With Legal Action
Twitter Doesn't Count Video In 140-Character Limit
Tinder Hooks Up With Spotify
Who Interacts With Trump, Clinton On Twitter?
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016
Twitter Lifts Limits On Pics, Video
Digital Engagement Index
John Hancock Focuses On Changing World
Instagram Relaunches CTA Ads, Aids Gaming Advertisers
Twitter Relaxes 140-Character Rule
Twitter Loves The Netflix Emmy Spot
Twitter Doesn't Count Video In 140-Character Limit
Leveraging Advocates And Influencers In A Successful Social Responsibility Initiative
Just Admit It America, You're Obsessed With #Foodporn
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
A Quarter Of Brits Fake Vacation Photos Online
Digital Engagement Index
The Devaluation Of Sports Sponsorship Rights
Facebook's Censorship Of Napalm Girl Is History Repeating
New England Patriots Player Talks Financials For MassMutual
Facebook, Google Sign On For Presidential Debates
Twitter Sued By Shareholder
Facebook Ads Are Still Getting Past Adblock Plus
Twitter Debuts NFL Football, Will It Pay Off?
Art Institute Of Chicago Promotes Digital Tools
Three Cheers For The Red, Blue - And Neutral
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