Video Daily Editions for August 2013
Video Daily - Friday, Aug. 30, 2013
Aziz Ansari Stand-Up Could Be Groundbreaking Event for Neftlix
CBS Interactive Adds 40 Sites To MaxPreps Franchise
Time For News Organizations To Ban Analytics
Farmers Taps PGA Pro Rickie Fowler For Video Series
Honda Odyssey Campaign Boasts New Tag, Cross-Media Tie-Ins
There Is Nothing Cool About 'See How Much Food We Put In These Kenmore Refrigerators!'
Traditional TV Viewing Registers Global Uptick
Honda's Roar To Save Outdoor Cinema
Ex-Tumblr Exec Heads Digital For Al Jazeera America
Hulu Announces Premiere Dates for Series
Video Copies of Wills of British Empires World War I Vets Now Online
In Australia, Cover Artists Musicians Can Now Get a Portion of Ad Revenue from YouTube
Marketo Goes On The Market, Files IPO
Gaming Is Bigger Than You Think
Video Daily - Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013
Apparently, You CAN Always Get What You Want. And Need
YuMe Discloses Q2 Earnings, Announces Partnership with Evidon on Privacy Pact
Great Marriage Or Messy Menage A Trois? Premium Inventory, RTB, Upfronts
Philly Unveils New LGBT TV Spot
NBC's 'Million Second Quiz' Show: Made For 2013, But Suggests Real-Time Isn't Ready For Prime Time
Popeyes Fans Submit Singing Videos
The New Multi-Screen Habit Of Long-Form Video Nibbling
YP Signs Havas Media As Agency; Rebuilds Brand Under Alex Kaminsky
Binge Viewing: Good News For Viewers, Maybe Not So Much For Netflix
Study: TV Sites Best For Video Viewability
A Brand Manager's Video Campaign Checklist
Hulu Subscribers Fight for Right to Sue, Alleging Video Service 'Repurposed' Info About Them
New Media Rockstars Site Loses Funding, Folds
YouTube Replaces Video Responses
MTV Online Prank Promotes Catfish Series
Video Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013
Report Says DreamWorks/YouTube Teaming Up for A Daily Online Show
OpenX Opens New Front In War On Bots: Puts Humans On The Line
The Streaming Living Room: Time To Consolidate
Video Music Awards Is Profit Driver For Music Marketers
Where Are They Now, Dept.: What Is Psy Up To?
Welch Joins SpotXchange, Both Bullish On European Market
News of Facebook's Death is Greatly Exaggerated
NEW! Should Storms Be Named For Politicians Who Don't Believe In Climate Change?
Last Dance: 'Bunheads' Cast Says Goodbye
'WaPo' Pitches Native Ads For Print Edition
McDonald's Tests NFC for Mobile Engagement in Restaurant
Buzz Drove Leaf Campaign
Video Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013
Yes, Some Streaming Viewers Binge; Others Think They're at a Tapas Joint
Exchanges Now A 5% Solution On Madison Avenue, Supplanting Ad Nets
Kevin Spacey Explains It All
NEW! Should Storms Be Named For Politicians Who Don't Believe In Climate Change?
NCC Adds Dish, Ups TV Inventory
Electronic Arts COO Says Every Video Game Must Now Have An Online Component
Trust The Numbers -- Or Your Gut?
TV Networks Want FilmOn X Shut Down Nationwide
Blip.TV Learned Lessons On Path To Its Acquisition
How Bing Changes Image Search
Two Car Ads Go Viral
Video Daily - Monday, Aug. 26, 2013
Should Internet Videos Be Rated for Content, Like TV Shows and Movies?
Global On-Demand TV Revs Expected To Climb 44% By 2018
The Man Behind Netflix's Content Revolution
Blip.TV Learned Lessons On Path To Its Acquisition
Mrs. Dash Targets Young Families
SpotXchange Announces Programmatic Video Summit For Premium Pubs
Spacey Lecture Met With Defence Of Traditional TV
RTB, Transparency, And The 'True Value Of Media'
Snowden Has Info That NSA Cracked Encryption for UN Videoconferences, Der Spiegel Reports
Recognizing The Changing Faces Of Search Agencies
That Nice Disney Girl Miley Cyrus Repeatedly Bumps Into Robin Thicke's Crotch at VMAs
Multi-Channel Video Subscribers Down; Industry Levels Off
Online Cat Vid Festival Coming To Derry
Video Daily - Friday, Aug. 23, 2013
Time Warner/CBS Squabble Could Be A Big Opening for Streaming Video; Millennnials On the Fence?
Tecate Challenges Consumers' Manhood
eMarketer Revises RTB Forecasts Upward
Cross-Platform Currency: Perfect Can't Be Enemy Of Necessity
Sports Fees Dominate Cable, Due To ESPN, NFL Network
Is Yahoo's Mayer Going Media Crazy?
Google Needs To Raise Premium Video Bar To Netflix's Level
Interactive Video Ads Double Purchase Intent
HTC Video Confuses Volume With Impact And Celebrity With Personality
H&M Follows Beckham Into The Locker Room
Video Daily - Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013
Tremor's Five Good Rules of Interactive Advertising
Facebook Forges Ahead With Mobile Rich Media Ads Via PointRoll Agreement
The Marketing Classic Few Marketers Have Read
Farmers Insurance, NASCAR Partnership Pays Off
Tablets Score High For Video Ad Recall
MilkPEP Launches 'Protein Fight Club'
A Billion Here, A Billion There: Mobile Spend Forecast Upgraded
Media Buyers Favor TV, But Digital, Video On Rise
Wakshlag Supports Nielsen-Arbitron Merger Thinking Cross-Platform
Old Navy Sponsors Alloy Digital's 'Style Rules' Series
Maker Studios Acquires Blip
Stupid Outrage over Cheerios' 'Just Checking' Ad Depicting Interracial Family Led to 100 Videos in Support
AppleTV Will Add Vevo Music Content, Sources Say
Yahoo Regains Top Web Property Post
ESPN Eyes Web-TV Play
Video Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013
Are Six-Second Vines Something More Than a Novelty Act?
News Corp. Unveils Global Programmatic Exchange: Says 'Third Parties No Longer Invited To The Party'
Can You Make Money Creating Online Video?
Bigfoot: Our Search For The Viral Video
TubeStart Launches 'Kickstarter' For Video Producers
If You're Repurposing an Ad for Online, Think About Adding Interactive Element
How Publishers Can Thrive In The Age Of Real-time News and Social Media
Pepsi, MTV Team To Showcase Katy Perry
US Audiences Liked Romanian McDonald's Ad on YouTube in July
After Coolness, Mastery: Building Respect For A Brand
Netflix Becomes Exclusive Pay-TV Service For Weinstein Films
Google Eyeing NFL's Sunday Ticket Package
Alex Bogusky On The Evils Of Outsourcing
Movie Biz Survival Strategy: Focus On Home Viewer
BIZ DEV: L'Oreal Places U.S. Digital Media Account In Review
Something's Lurking Behind The Quintuple-Digit Figures That Make Us Ooh And Ahh
Video Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013
Should Netflix Be Streaming Live Sporting Events? Maybe Not Now, But Soon
Google Makes TrueView Ad Format Available In Video Games
TiVo's New Roamio Gets DVR to iPads, iPhone
Media Planners Turn To Programmatic To Recapture 'Glory Days'
Interpublic Strikes Deals Automating Buys With 5 Media Giants: Covers TV, Radio, Outdoor, Display, Video, Mobile
Contest for Best Video to Promote Obamacare
Rupert Murdoch's Investment Shows 'Vice' Has Its Virtues
Jim Beam Honey Teams Humor With A Cause
Google Patents Pay-Per-Peek
NBC News Digital To Create Streaming Media
App Use Higher On Android Tablets Than Smartphones
Video Daily - Monday, Aug. 19, 2013
Is It Already Too Late to Do Some Soul Searching About the Internet?
Rocket Fuel Files For $100 Million IP0, Discloses Impressive Growth, Losses Too
No Al Jazeera Coverage of Cairo on YouTube in U.S. As a Concession to Cable Systems, Says Gigaom
'Orange Is The New Black' Is Netflix's First True Hit
Sony, Viacom Sign Deal For Streaming TV
What's the Right Mini-Video Platform for Your Brand, Instagram or Vine?
The Natives Are Feckless: Part 3
Google Blocks Win Mobile YouTube App For Windows
How Much Brand Involvement Is Too Much?
Awww ... Guardian's Doggy Photos Point To Running Site
NEW! Toshiba Back To School Videos Feature Black Lights, Chickens And A Centaur
Netflix Stocks Up on More Kids Programming
'Programmatic Is The New Buzzword'
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