Google Gives Devices 'Social Intelligence,' Enables Non-Verbal Communications

Google's Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) division has spent the past year exploring how computers to use radar and advanced machine learning to understand the needs or the intentions of humans, and then react appropriately. The technology gives devices "the social intelligence" to interact with humans without being too intrusive. 

The …

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  1. Seth Ulinski from, March 2, 2022 at 2:59 p.m.

    The technofile in me says: cool!
    The cool uncle in me says: WTF?!

  2. Craig Mcdaniel from Sweepstakes Today LLC, March 2, 2022 at 5:33 p.m.

    There is nothing useful for the end user, consumer that can come from this. It's down right scary what Google could use this technology for and why.

    For many including me, bring back first generation digital phones so we don't have spying software built in. 

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