Results for October 2009

So Busy Customers Must Take A Number: Mobi Targets IT Folks
Enter Mobi, a start-up company that offers corporations an online tool that helps IT manage its mobility program. The company launched an interesting B2B campaign, created by Young & Laramore, to introduce itself to the industry.» 0 Comments
That's A Wrap: Ads To Cover Deli Sandwiches
It's impossible to leave the office and buy a sandwich at the local deli without being exposed to advertising of some kind. I never expected my food to be wrapped in it, however. Mediacy launched the BrandWrapper, which allows advertisers to place ads on sandwiches and other to-go foods in partner coffee bars and delis nationwide.» 0 Comments
Fear The Turtle, Find The Turtle, Win Prizes From The Turtle
The University of Maryland launched a campaign, targeting students, with a game where they must find turtles hidden throughout campus. Playing off the college's tagline, "Fear the Turtle," and referencing the school's sports teams, dubbed the Terrapins, Red Tettemer hid 569 ceramic turtles, a mere three inches in size, in the middle of the night. Using an agency-coded blueprint of the campus, turtles were hidden outdoors, in classrooms and buildings. Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?» 0 Comments
Play Virtual Catch With A 'Monday Night Football' Starting Quarterback
ESPN's yearly campaign promoting its coverage of "Monday Night Football" consistently features TV, online, print and outdoor elements. For the fourth year of the network's "Is It Monday Yet?" campaign, Wieden+Kennedy New York added an additional component to the mix: interactive storescapes for passersby to play a virtual game of catch with NFLers.» 0 Comments