Results for May 2007

Pepsi Illuminates Bus Shelters
Pepsi launched a series of bus shelter ads this month that literally brighten up any dark street corner. The ads utilize a technology called LumiGraphics, making the ads light up when a current is run through them.» 0 Comments
Watch The Ads Go Round -- On Baggage Carousels
Airports in China are now allowing colorful ads directly on baggage carousels -- meaning the more luggage that's removed, the higher your chances of getting dizzy, hypnotized or having the urge to bet it all on red.» 0 Comments
Quiet On The Course: Golf Carts To Bear Ads
Golf is one of the few televised sports containing minimal advertising. Unlike baseball, football, and the worst offender, NASCAR, where ads are positioned in every feasible nook and cranny, golf ads are limited to small logos on a player's hat or shirt. Until now.» 0 Comments