Results for November 2007

Philips Electronics Simplifies Shopping With Another Non-Intrusive Campaign
Philips Electronics is a company that produces marketing strategies that are heavy on brand recall, light on intrusive ads. Sounds impossible, but let's begin with a walk down memory lane....» 0 Comments
Health Net Makes Documentary-Style Case For Its Customer Service
Cutting through the clutter that is healthcare ads is no easy feat; many have tried, few have succeeded to differentiate themselves from similar creative that tends to highlight particular plan benefits and pricing structures.» 0 Comments
Open Book Toronto Proves Fake Ads Can Really Work
Open Book Toronto, a group that supports local books and authors in Ontario, launched a month-long nontraditional campaign to drive users to its Web site using a literary theme, fake ads, and, of course, humor.» 0 Comments
Seed-Packet Campaign Grows Two Kinds Of Green
Have you ever seen a business card with the potential to grow both business AND greenery? Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement, an upstart Michigan-based tree-removal and landscape company, decided to give a little something back when it designed business cards to be distributed to prospective clients: grass.» 0 Comments