Results for October 2008

Upscale Condo Campaign: Nabe's Amenities Trump Indoor Lux
If you can afford to buy a luxury condo in New York City in this down economy, then you know the place will be loaded with luxury fittings. Rather than focus on the obvious, Flying Machine created a print campaign for Murray Hill's first green condominiums, located at 303 East 33rd St., that centers on what's outside the condos instead.» 0 Comments
Common Thread: Fan Names Woven Into Rugby Jerseys
New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks appreciates their fans. And vice versa. Later this month Team Captain Richie McCaw will be presented with jerseys that have the names of 100,000 fans engraved onto a single thread used to make the jerseys.» 0 Comments
Open Wide: Ads In The Dentist's Chair
What's more painful: a root canal or sitting through an episode of "Extreme Makeover"? InChairTV is launching a low-maintenance ad network in more than 400 dentist offices that offers patients some much-needed escapism.» 0 Comments
Pick Your News: Paper Prints Customized Front Pages, Courtesy Of Nissan
What news and pictures would you like to see on the front page of your Sunday morning newspaper? That question was posed to subscribers of O Estado De S. Paulo (The State of Sao Paulo), a daily newspaper published in Brazil, over the course of two Sundays. Subscribers were given a task: generate the news and pictures that they themselves would like to see in the paper. Below the fold was an ad for Nissan, the brand behind this initiative. "Escape the pattern. You, yourself should write the news," began the ad.» 0 Comments