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Water Tower Or Yellow Pencil? You Decide
It's hard not to notice the rooftop water towers atop many New York City buildings. Imagine looking up one day to find a water tower completely covered by a knitted yellow cozy, similar to smaller cozies often found on teapots? It happened for 24 hours at 395 Broadway, from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14. The cozy was installed to morph the water tower into a yellow pencil as part of a call for entry campaign for D&AD's annual award show.» 0 Comments
Skoal Cans Hide Playmate Cans
It's every Playmate's dream: posing naked on a bed of Skoal smokeless tobacco cans. American Beauty, it's not; additional cans, not rose petals, cover Kara Monaco's lady parts. Mock as I do, Playboy does a great job at integrating user-generated content into the January issue. The last twelve pages of Playboy, including the back cover, are devoted to thanking Skoal's loyal customers, referred to as the brotherhood.» 0 Comments
Piquing Curiosity For Peeking At 'Curiosity,' The Book
How do you pique the interest of potential book buyers about a newly published novel on curiosity? Make them curious.» 0 Comments