Results for June 2008

Aloha Advertising: Hawaii Targets Summer Travelers
Hawaii, the state I imagined as never having to advertise because who needs to be sold on visiting such a beautiful place, is advertising heavily during the summer travel season, a time when the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau rarely promoted the state before.» 0 Comments
SEPTA Launches Living, Green Campaign
With going green the new black, SEPTA launched an eco-friendly campaign earlier this year that urged Philadelphia residents to ride public transportation and make a positive impact on the environment.» 0 Comments
Do Mystery Ads In Ontario Promote Mind-Control Or Education?
Earlier this year, Ontario residents were puzzled by a series of outdoor ads that appeared to promote a drug that altered the thoughts of teenagers. The campaign was more subversive: altering the thoughts of parents.» 0 Comments
Bridging IKEA and New Yorkers, One Box At A Time
IKEA opens its first New York City store in Brooklyn on June 18 and launches affordable promotions, not unlike its furniture, throughout the city today. On view through June 30 will be small sculptures erected from IKEA-branded cardboard boxes.» 0 Comments
Curiouser And Curiouser
X marks the spot on a treasure map to find buried treasure, but what does an array of mysterious question marks lead to? Curiosity.» 0 Comments