Results for August 2006

All Aboard
How to increase sales and brand awareness on a petitely packaged laundry detergent called small & mighty? Hire Goliath as your promoter.» 0 Comments
Veni, Vidi, Vici... Times Square
HBO turned Times Square into a modern-day Roman Colosseum to promote the DVD release of its series "Rome."» 0 Comments
Straight Outta YouTube
Twelve days live and more than half a million views later, Smirnoff's two-minute "Tea Partay," uploaded to YouTube, is generating a fair share of buzz.» 0 Comments
Tag, You're It
The last thing you'd expect to see when buying a pair of running shoes is a tag ad affixed to its laces. Does the tag double as a coupon for matching accessories (socks or workout wear)? No, Kaiser Permanente, the nation's behemoth HMO, staged the promotion to drive traffic to a branded microsite devoted to healthy living.» 0 Comments