Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Adaptors and Converters

CIMM's Set-Top Box Data Lexicon is a compilation of terms and definitions associated with Set-Top Box data and its measurement. This Word-A-Week column highlights a term and definition from the Lexicon to help forge a common language for Set-Top Box data usage and expedite the roll-out of the data for its many industry applications.

We are in an industry of continual transition. Digital compression spawned the recent migration from analog to digital. As a result, there is a range of converter and adaptor hardware that helps analog homes convert to digital or enables analog homes to convert digital signals to be viewed on an analog set.

Here are terms and definitions related to converters and adaptors:

Converter Box

See also: Digital Converter Box, Converter Device

CIMM DEFINITION : Device that is attached between the television set and the cable system that can increase the number of channels available on the TV, enabling it to accommodate the multiplicity of channels offered by cable TV. (Source: CableLabs)



Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

See: Digital Converter Box

CIMM DEFINITION : A device which accepts digital encoded television broadcasts and converts them to display on an analog television set. (Source: CableLabs)

DTA abbr Digital Television Adaptor

See also: Set-Top Box, Cable Converter

CIMM DEFINITION : A digital-to-analog converter box that converts an analog signal into a digital signal. 

Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.

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