TWC Adds Local Stations To iPad App

Rob-MarcusTime Warner Cable is working to add local stations to its iPad streaming app, allowing customers to watch broadcast shows on the devices anywhere in their homes. The cable operator’s offering includes a slew of cable networks, but no access to “Modern Family” or “Glee.”

TWC COO Rob Marcus said the company is looking to launch the option in New York City soon and then roll it out elsewhere in early 2012. In addition to broadcast fare, that will offer access to local newscasts and syndicated programming.

“We’re moving towards delivering local programming, which is a little more difficult to do technologically,” he told investors recently.



Cablevision has offered the local broadcast channels on its iPad service since it launched earlier this year. Cablevision does have fewer station owners to negotiate carriage rights with, since its footprint is much smaller than TWC’s.

Marcus reiterated that TWC believes it has rights to offer Viacom-owned networks on its app. The two companies are suing each other over the matter.

“We’re going to let a judge decide that,” he said.

Cablevision has reached an agreement with Viacom, and offers its channels among the 300-plus it provides.

Marcus went on to say there is some impetus to move ahead with TV Everywhere-type opportunity extending outside the home, where it has a deal with ESPN and some others, but “the process has taken a lot longer than we would have anticipated at the outset.”

A Slingbox does offer some TV Everywhere-type functionality and TWC recently had a promotion in New York City, where it offered to subsidize a Slingbox purchase for some broadband customers. 

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