Online Video CPG Campaign Boosts TV Buy By 10%

Consumer packaged goods are the biggest advertisers in online video, regularly accounting for about one-quarter to one-third of online video ad spend. But does the money actually work? Are consumers going to stores and buying more toothpaste, soap, cereal and so on?

A case study from online video technology provider Videology says yes. Videology recently worked with a CPG brand — a food product with particular health benefits -- on a targeted online video campaign to augment a TV buy, although the firm declined to share the name of the marketer. The targeting was designed to reach women 35 to 44, with behavioral targeting layered in to reach those with children and those who were interested in health, diet and fitness, and using purchase behavior to reach those women who had bought within the product category before, Videology explained. The tech shop then partnered with WPP’s Kantar Shopcom shopping data platform to compare the purchase behavior of those exposed to the online video ads to a control group not exposed to it.



The result during the four-week study was an 8% increase in dollars spent on the brand for those exposed to the ads, a 9% lift in the percentage of households purchasing the brand, and a 10% increase in units sold per 100 households. 

Those are powerful boosts especially in a category that relies on 1% to 2% increases.

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  1. Mike Dawson from Solly Labs, June 26, 2012 at 4:33 p.m.

    We see here not only evidence of how effective targeting video impressions is, but something much more basic and central to the B2C engagement:
    "A food product with particular health BENEFITS." I place the onus of the word benefits because it is in the promotion of benefits that sales are made.
    We can define offers in incredible new ways, jazz the eyes with gorgeous graphics or innovative image shots and grabs, but if we neglect to allow the consumer understand the benefits to them of using our product or service, we would be lucky to get even the 1% increase measurable.
    When the benefits are central to the video creation, that is when the video not only shines and sparkles, but shines through the refined message we need to deliver to incite action. Mike Dawson of:

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