Chevrolet: If You Don't Like It, Bring It Back!

Chevrolet is doing something new. Well, it's new for the auto business: If you don't love the Chevrolet you bought, bring it back. Say what? They do that at Barnes & Noble, at Amazon, heck, at the local store around the corner if the manager likes you, but cars? And you don't have to bring it back the day, or even the week, or actually even the month you drive it away. 

The program is called Chevy Confidence, and it covers all the 2012 or 2013 model year vehicles. In essence, customers can return vehicles bought during the program, with less than 4,000 miles driven and no damage, 30 to 60 days from the purchase date. The company is also doing “Total Confidence Pricing” in which all 2012 model year Chevrolets will be offered at preferred prices in addition to all current vehicle-specific incentives. 

Chris Perry, Chevrolet global VP marketing said it's all about confidence in the products: “We think customers who have been driving competitive makes or even older Chevrolets will be very pleased by today’s Chevrolet designs, easy-to-use technologies, comprehensive safety and the quality built into all of our cars, trucks and crossovers.”

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