Kaiser Permanente Launches Multimillion-Dollar Effort

Kaiser Permanente is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign that focuses its messaging around health care delivery and choice.

The effort, from Lowe Campbell Ewald, includes TV, radio, digital display, print and out-of-home. 

In 2013/14, the campaign will highlight KP’s quality of care and the ability to choose physicians and access in a personalized way, said Alexandra Morehouse, VP, brand experience and advertising at Kaiser Permanente.  

“The goal is to drive the consumer to our digital properties, to inform on Kaiser Permanente's high quality care, top physicians and differentiated approach to total health,” Morehouse tells Marketing Daily. “In addition, site content will help consumers better understand health care and its value and necessity in one's life.”



The campaign builds on the equity of “Thrive” and introduces key messaging around care delivery and choice. Objectives include increasing consideration, sustaining current membership and growing membership among prospects.

TV was directed by husband-and-wife team Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who are known for directing the critically acclaimed indie films “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Ruby Sparks.” The duo is also well-known for directing commercials for big brands including VW, HP, Sony, Gap, Target, Ikea, Apple and ESPN.  

As the title suggests, the first spot focuses on something that’s simple and ordinary -- “Hands,” unless of course they’re the hands of Kaiser Permanente doctors. Then these hands become extraordinary tools that can heal, discover new ways to fight disease, and, ultimately, save lives.

“What I Want” explores the many different things that people want in a doctor, and explains that, at Kaiser Permanente, members are free to choose the doctor that’s right for them. A third spot, “Perfectly Ordinary,” launches in September.

The campaign launched on Aug. 5 in support of open enrollment and the opening of the healthcare reform (HCR) marketplace. It will run throughout the fall with a brief hiatus in December. Activity will resume in January in support of the continued enrollment activity of the marketplace.   

The campaign is targeted to health seeking adults ages 25-54. With the expanded market that will originate from the HCR exchanges, additional consideration will be given to adults ages 18-34 as part of the planning requirements.   

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  1. Steve Dolata from Mercury Advertising, August 9, 2013 at 10:02 a.m.

    So CMO's are supposed to chase the latest shiny being social media? When George Will was asked by Charlie Rose if he did Facebook or Twitter, his response was...."I barely email." That's because he's busy, which keeps him at the top of his game. Other high achievers outside of the ad bubble often say the say thing. Maybe CMO's and the rest of the ad community should dig in and come up with some original ideas, so I don't have to constantly change the channel. The writing and concepts are rather marginal and passe' these days. If I have to see one more spot about how socially conscious a company is, I'm going to yack. Where is Mary Wells Lawrence when we need her!

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