comScore On Partnership Path To Real-Time Audience Measurement, Inks Acxiom, Epsilon, Batanga Deals

Think back to when working with one company meant doing it all. Not anymore. These days, mastering success means real-time audience measurement and partnering with other experts. Following a deal with Google, comScore Tuesday reported inking similar deals with Acxiom, Epsilon and Batanga Media. The company wants to partner with others to enhance the granularity and speed of delivering audience reporting for its clients.

The new partnerships, including Google, will allow marketers to immediately verify the results of audiences reached by their campaigns through third-party measurement metrics, as well as optimize current and future campaigns.

comScore believes the partnerships will give marketers the ability to reach more consumers and gain a better return on their investments across multiple channels. For example, retail marketers could adjust social and mobile campaigns based upon verified activity for a particular audience segment cited in a parallel display campaign.

Eric Stein, EVP of online solutions at Epsilon, believes the combination of comScore's expertise in measuring online activity combined with the depth of his company's demographic data will generate more timely and precise insights for customers.

Some describe the partnership as game-changing. With more than 14 years in the Hispanic digital space, Batanga Media's data adds another layer to ethnicity metrics comScore's vCE uses. Advertisers seeking to reach the U.S. Hispanic online market will benefit from this partnership.

It's all about finding the leanest method to offer customers better services. Partnerships can save the headache of building or acquiring the system.

Without making a major financial investment in technology, it makes sense for one company to partner with another that has an expertise the other lacks or wants to expand on. This gives the freedom to all parties to focus on their skill while supporting brands.

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