Hyundai Launches 'The Genesis' With TNT's 'Legends'

Hyundai’s branded-content program around its exclusive sponsorship of TNT's new "Legends" TV show centers on “The Genesis,” a nine-minute-long digital film, in whose production Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's New Form studio participated.

The film, contextually related to the “Legends” TV show, carries a spy narrative involving protean identities and an oddly likable evil guy. He is, it appears, on a mission to evolve the human race into a species with arteries that glow like nightlights.

Genesis is the ride of the main character, a former agent of the nefarious organization, which is run by the forward-thinking bad guy. Our hero is on a different mission, however: to save his main squeeze from whatever Frankensteinian strangeness his former employer has in mind for her. He bursts into the lab right as the evil guy is in the process of injecting what looks like menthol shaving cream into her arteries. And then he steals her, driving off in the Genesis as drones fire explosive ordnance at the car. But he's a hell of a driver and an even better shot with a plasma gun, stolen from the skunk works of the dark side.  



The film is streaming in various lengths and iterations on TNT video-on-demand, New Form did the project with a digital content studio Everdream that got breakout buzz when it it did a spec video on the Tesla S sedan that caught the eye of Tesla's frenetic CEO and founder Elon Musk. The Genesis car is featured in about two minutes of the film. The film was written and scripted in two weeks and filmed in five days, per one of the agencies involved.


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