, Apsalar Ink Deal For Real-Time Cross-Platform Data Automation

Apsalar has partnered with to build out a cross-channel and cross-platform data automation system through its mobile measurement and intelligence platform. The deal creates a real-time automation system to measure user behavior.

It also aggregates mounds of data from multiple systems and allows clients to transmit user data through marketing systems like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, KISSmetrics, Marketo and more.

Apsalar's platform is embedded in 2.1 billion mobile devices and tracks more than 20 billion user actions per month. The company can measure the efficiency of marketing budgets on more than 400 mobile ad networks, including Facebook, Twitter, iAd and Google.

The partnership allows Apsalar clients, such as Target. 7-Eleven, LivingSocial, and, to select any integrated system to forward their data.'s system automates any process requiring data, especially when coming from more than one system.



"Apsalar will use our platform to normalize their data and forward it off to different systems," said David Lee, CEO and co-founder of "It will let Apsalar perform actions in email time like push notifications." recently made a pivot from game developers to marketing automation technology. The partnership with Apsalar shifts the progress business goals to data and integration. will continue to build out its system creating the link between platforms. The company is working on more than 50 integrations expected to go live during the first half of the year. Each will apply to a specific media, such as game developers or mobile marketers, or retail marketing for offline and online sales. The system will let users build personalized push notifications, email campaigns, custom messages, content and promotions, and more. The company is redesigning the platform to focus on data automation.'s focus on integration supports connections with multiple data sources from a growing library of third-party messaging and analytics providers, such as Apsalar, which offers a mobile analytics and audience platform. App publishers and marketers receive real-time analysis of users, and can then create segments and access a standard set of rules or build unique events to engage users.

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