Everyone Can Be Dick Vitale, Thanks to Fancred

Are you more a “color” commentator or a play-by-play person? Do you find yourself surfacing random pieces of trivia about the athletes you’re looking at (“… not many people know his mother and father are both ex-cult members, but get this – from different cults!”) or do you tend to describe what’s going on on the field in minute detail, as if out of some need to constantly affirm reality?

Well, now you can find out what type of useless broadcast appendage you are thanks to Fancred, a social network for sports fans which is introducing a feature that allows users to live stream their own sports commentating videos, using a system similar to Periscope, according to TechCrunch. The new capability builds on Fancred’s original functions including text and photo sharing, all focused on sports.

Actually you may not be able to deliver the kind of full, meandering digressions that would make “Rambling” Dick Vitale proud: the live streaming feature is limited to five minutes of broadcast time, so users have to be concise (assuming they have anything substantive to say). There’s even a countdown clock to keep you on task. Currently, users can’t save the videos after they broadcast, again similar to Periscope.



TechCrunch notes that Fancred recently added real-time scores and has also announced partnerships with teams and media outlets to produce content for the network, including the Boston Globe, Boston Red Sox, Washington Redskins and the ACC Digital Network.

Fancred isn’t the only sports-centric social network out there, although its new features should help set it apart. Previously I wrote about Sqor Sports, which features news updates, videos and photos, and collects content posted by current and former pro athletes on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, aggregating it in one place for easier consumption and interaction.

Sprylogics launched an app, Breaking Sports, that allows sports fans and fantasy players to see sports news aggregated from all their favorite social media channels, conveniently collected in one virtual spot.

BreatheSport is a mobile platform with a broadcast-style area called the “locker room,” where players and pundits can post their responses to breaking news and live events, and a more social area, the “fan zone,” where fans and players can interact with each other.

Yet another network, Sportlobster, includes a “fanzones” section with game scores and blogs from teams, players, and pundits.

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