Videology Launches Education, Client Feedback Portal

Programmatic advertising is complex. So Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, launched a portal Thursday to explain common tech questions and get client feedback.

The project includes an educational series, Videology Knowledge Lab, which explains topics such as viewability and cross-screen planning; and Videology Platform Lab, a feature that gives clients early access to test and critique new features (as well as watch training videos).

Below, Kevin Haley, chief scientist and chief product officer, Videology, chatted with Real-Time Daily about the initiative.

Knowledge Labs will be released monthly, he added, with one on viewability posting next month.

Real-Time Daily: Have clients expressed confusion/unfamiliarity with the tech you offer?

Haley: The digital ecosystem is really vast. There are many point solutions and nuances to different advertising solutions. That creates a lot of confusion, which is where industry and client education becomes so important.

We built our tech to focus on allocation and forecasting—to deliver guaranteed results. Additionally, instead of building a ‘demand-side-platform’ or a ‘supply-side-platform,’ we built a converged solution for advertising, whether from the buy or sell side. The fact that we approached the problem from such a unique angle has required some client education, but it’s been received incredibly well.   

RTD: Who were the labs created for?

Haley: The Knowledge Lab on our website is meant to serve as a resource to anyone in the industry—buyer, seller, brand, investor or tech vendor.

Advertising technology is a complex space. Things move really quickly and there’s a lot to digest.

Decision-makers in the industry have to look at a huge variety of information before they can make an educated decision about their advertising strategy. Additionally, there’s a lot of misinformation about what’s available and what best practices are.

Many of the standalone point solutions coming to market already exist in broader advertising platforms like ours. The purpose of Videology Knowledge Lab is to distill all of this information into digestible, useful content.

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