IoT Target Marketing: Detecting Sitting, Standing, Walking, Driving And Current Mood

The Internet of Things is going to expand the concept of target marketing. By a lot.

The promise of one-to-one arrived in various forms over the years. Mobile certainly pushed that along.

But much of the targeting has been based on normal and rational things, such as where a person is, where they have recently been and maybe a little of what they purchased along the way.

IoT technology here and on the horizon will extend that well beyond location data.

Robots I’ve seen demonstrated, with sophisticated facial recognition built in, can detect moods and learn as they interact more with their owners.

There’s a new mobile sensor tracking capability that can track when a person is walking, driving or standing still, when they arrive at store or restaurant, if they are lingering in any part of that location, and whether they are sitting or standing, if their phone is in their pocket or purse or if it’s being looked at.

An Ohio company, Advia Partners, is combining visual detection with other capabilities to identify the gender and age of a person viewing an outdoor screen and real-time changing the marketing on the screen to suit the current viewer.

Similar technology already is in the marketplace, as well as having been shown at the National Retail Federation annual event.

One recent report suggested that with so much consumer supplied information available online, there will be a future where advertising could be targeted based on the mood of a person.

These and other such precise targeting capabilities come with the Internet of Things.


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