Chrysler Uses Social To Pitch New Car-Buying Segment: Kids

They may not be able to drive (or have any money) but children under the age of 16 certainly spend a lot of time in cars, and therefore should have a say in their families’ new car purchases. That’s the thinking behind a new social media campaign from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, directly targeting kids with messages touting the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, according to Reuters, which first reported the news.

The social media campaign, with the theme “PacifiKids,” centers on a series of humorous videos imagining what happens when a bunch of kids take over a Chrysler dealership to sell Pacificas to mystified, sometimes comically concerned, adults. Along the way, the junior salespersons just happen to highlight the minivan’s kid- and adult-friendly amenities, from touchscreens to tri-pane panoramic sunroofs.



Beginning on Monday the ads are running for a six-week period on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign is tied into a sweepstakes offering new minivans to lucky winners (if their parents give their consent).

Reuters notes that the attempt to get kids involved in their parents’ car buying process is a savvy move, as many adults (particularly men) view minivans as unsexy harbingers of middle-aged dadhood. On the other hand, kids like the extra space in the backseat area, which may in turn offer relief to parents sick of endless squabbling on long trips.

The campaign betokens a generational shift, as a new crop of late Gen X and millennial parents strive to show greater consideration to their kids than they believe they received in their youth. A major shift in attitude towards family is especially evident among millennial men, who as a group place a higher premium on work-life balance and being present for family life than previous generations. To cite just one example, according to a survey by Mintel, 49% of millennial dads say they have the main responsibility for planning play dates and activities for their kids, compared to 23% of dads over age 35.

And if the kids don’t appreciate all that effort, just remember: you can always turn this car right around.
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