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Advertising On Streaming TV Devices Is About To Get More Targeted

Ad tech firm BrightLine wants to make ads on smart TVs work more like digital advertising. "The company is teaming up with Nielsen Marketing Cloud, the media research firm’s marketing software division. The deal will potentially enable advertisers to tap into Nielsen’s 60,000 different audience segments, which can be used for ad targeting purposes on connected TVs, as well as other devices," according to a Wall Street Journal report. The goal of the partnership "is to help make TV ads shown on over-the-top streaming apps on devices like Apple TVs or Rokus more interactive and more targeted. Media companies such as Hulu, Discovery Communications, and Viacom already can use BrightLine’s technology to add elements of interactivity and personalization to their traditional TV ads. For example, a person watching a show via a cable network’s over-the-top app might see a car ad, and that ad could prompt the viewer to access more video content or receive information on local dealer locations through a few clicks of their remote," the Journal report notes. 

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