Cross-Screen Tech Firm Partners To Expand Its TV Inventory Supply

Cross-screen martech firm Tapad on Tuesday announced a partnership with clypd, an audience-based sales platform for TV advertising that will integrate clypd’s national cable network inventory. The partnership aims to expand Tapad’s supply of TV inventory to include national cable inventory.

Clypd has a sell-side ad platform that’s built for the TV industry to help media owners with workflow automation, data-enhanced decisioning, and to boost TV campaign performance.

Tapad said its Device Graph TV tools will work in conjunction with clypd’s sales platform to enable more precise audience engagement for TV ad buys. The goal is to help marketers integrate their customer data or third-party digital segments into Tapad’s TV platform and use them to precisely engage audiences across clypd’s national TV inventory.

The campaigns are optimized using Tapad’s device-graph-powered TV attribution in order to ensure ads are aligned with the best possible context for each brand’s message.



Tapad said the partnership aims to give marketers the ability to use and amplify existing cross-device digital audiences. For example, one use case would be a client looking to run a TV campaign focused on reaching viewers who are past purchasers.

In this case, the scale provided by a graph enables marketers to uncover areas of efficiency, even across lower-rated networks, dayparts, and programs through linear TV.

“Attributing business outcomes to TV campaigns is a true pain point for many marketers. With this partnership, marketers will be able to optimize their campaigns mid-flight to invest more in networks delivering the highest action rates, as well as identify the optimal frequency cap to prevent ad fatigue.

These insights should help marketers measure meaningful metrics like online sales, foot traffic, and more,” Marshall Wong, SVP of TV market development, Tapad, told Real-Time Daily via email.

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