Conde Nast, NBCU, Vox Team To Deliver Mobile Video, Branded Content

Condé Nast, NBCUniversal and Vox Media joined forces Thursday to deliver mobile video and branded content across all three of their digital networks.

The partnership between the TV network giant and key publishers to sell ads across all three of the companies' properties is a move to demonstrate scale and reach — and to compete with Facebook and Google. The goal is also to reach millennial consumers. Together, the three companies will reach more than 200 million millennials, they said.

The partnership involves Condé Nast’s Spire, along with Vox Media and NBCUniversal’s Concert advertising platform. As part of the deal, the companies have jointly developed two new ad products focused on mobile video, branded content and targeted data. 

Condé Nast’s Spire combines digital behavioral data with online and offline purchase data. It offers advertisers the ability to optimize and personalize their campaigns in real-time. The ability to target consumers across social media was recently added to Spire.



Concert was launched by Vox Media and NBCUniversal in April 2016 to offer ad solutions in brand-safe environments at scale. The companies said Concert currently provides five times the engagement of other premium advertising platforms.  

“Our goal always is to deliver for our marketing partners scalable, high-quality advertising experiences aligned with the targeted data they need to reach consumers in a trusted environment,” stated Linda Yaccarino, chairman, advertising sales and client partnerships, NBCUniversal.

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