Pixalate Simplifies Viewability, Ad-Fraud Reporting With Launch Of 1Tag

Real-time ad fraud detection and prevention firm Pixalate has added MRAID (mobile richmedia ad interface definitions) viewability support to its analytics product.

So Pixalate launched on Tuesday 1Tag, a device-aware tag that measures ad fraud and viewability while at the same time differentiating between MRAID and non-MRAID inventory.

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)-backed MRAID is an API for rich-media formats in mobile apps, enabling advertisers to develop rich media ads for in-app inventory and activate them at scale. Pixalate clients now have more robust viewability data for in-app mobile environments with the release of 1Tag.

“Mobile has become the primary way in which marketers share their stories, but until now, it has been difficult for them to measure viewability within app environments,” stated Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate.

“1Tag is compatible with the current infrastructure of supporting components. It detects the environment it gets served into and automatically downloads the correct payload,” stated Amin Bandeali, CTO of Pixalate. “1Tag supports MRAID v2 and v3 and is capable of capturing all of the data points available as part of the MRAID specification to be used as verification signals for ad fraud detection.”

The IAB updated its MRAID specifications to include viewability support in early July.

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