Horizon Invests In Crowd Analytics Platform, AMPs Up OOH Practice

Horizon Media has made an investment in Mira, a real-time Out-Of-Home crowd analytics start-up, which it is using to help create a new OOH audience targeting program called AMP. Currently a planning tool, the AMP service will add Mira-fueled programmatic buying capability in the coming months.

The agency believes the new approach will significantly improve its OOH planning and buying capability.

“There wasn’t a third-party tool that satisfied our data and automation needs, so we created AMP," says Jill Nickerson, senior vice president, OOH, Horizon Media.

The new system uses a broad mix of data—including OOH inventory, targeting, location, mobile, behavioral, first-party client—to better identify audiences and optimize traditional and digital OOH media executions.

Measurement data is also part of the new approach, via an existing partnership Horizon has with GeoPath, the nonprofit industry body that provides location measurement and related analytics. The GeoPath metrics are being integrated with the AMP platform.



Terms of the Mira investment weren’t disclosed. But Horizon said its database is programmed to analyze billions of real-time location events each day. Horizon’s AMP platform interprets this data, providing its OOH specialists with the best-suited areas to reach the highest concentration of target audiences.

With the integration of additional Mira programmatic capabilities, Horizon said AMP will eventually become a combined OOH planning and buying platform.


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  1. Sapient Sucks from SapientSucks, October 10, 2017 at 6:52 p.m.

    Everyone wants to hire best employees, but then they hand them over to worst managers. After a while, these best employees turn out to be worst employees (thanks to company culture) and fired!

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