Movable Ink Launches Creative Variations

Movable Ink is announcing the launch of Creative Variations on Friday, a new intelligent email solution that combines data and creativity for more personalized email campaigns.

Based in New York City, Movable Ink offers an intelligent content platform that can automate the creation and deployment of email marketing messages. Creative Variations is an extension of that platform, which allows marketers to easily activate data, combine that data with creative content, and deliver more personalized email messages. 

Movable Ink cuts down on the email development process time by automating previous manual tasks such as choosing product artwork and headers, thus allowing marketers to spend more time on strategy.

Everyone wants to do more personalization, says Rob Brosnan, vice president of strategy at Movable Ink, but the problem is in production. “We have so much content and so much data, but putting the two together is hard.”

Personalization goes beyond just promotions, says Brosnan, who says the company is focusing on a content-generation perspective. 



Creative Variations simplifies the email development process, making it as “easy for a marketer to make 3000 segments as it is to make 3,” says Brosnan.

If a marketer has data -- whether via an API, CSV or Excel file -- Movable Ink can connect that data to a brand’s email marketing program. Possible data sources could include customer data, behavioral attributes, product inventory, pricing, and brand artwork.

Brosnan says marketers can easily feed Movable Ink their data, comparing it to a Mad Libs word game.  Once a baseline has been created, data can create different email variations for every subscriber. 

One challenge is in supporting digital marketing initiatives as well as a store’s individual events, says Kristin Parenzan, Movable Ink customer and digital marketing Manager for Bluemercury. She says Creative Variations helped the beauty retailer target specific markets and connect digital and in-store experiences.

Brosnan says user-generated content helps brands connect with customers in a more authentic way.

Movable Ink’s Creative Variations solutions also supports multiple languages, and although it does not itself translate content, its platform supports all alphabets and character sets. 

Brosnan warns brands against using automated translation services, and advises larger brands with the resources to hire a translation expert -- highlighting the importance of avoiding mistakes that may occur, for example, "because a machine does not translate into a colloquialism,” says Brosnan.

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