Oath Tests 4 Ad Units On Mobile

Oath has launched an internal "innovation council" focusing on ad experiences that support the estimated 70% of people visiting or using its platform on mobile devices. The company pulled together employees from sales, operations and engineering to define the next trends in mobile advertising.

"Mobile and video will be at the forefront of everything we do," John DeVine, CRO at Oath, wrote in a blog post.

DeVine points to four key categories in which Oath is testing new ad units. Oath created a mobile ad, a utility for consumers to save coupons and deals to their mobile wallet. When the mobile ad appears, it gives consumers the option to save special offers to their mobile wallet; brands can later alert them to special deals via mobile lock-screen notifications.

Designed by RYOT Studio, Oath's creative agency, an augmented reality (AR) mobile ad unit powered by Yahoo Gemini enables consumers to click to access an ad experience in platforms such as Yahoo Mail.



The Home Depot and Pottery Barn are working with Oath to test the AR format.

Retailers have begun to understand AR. In November, Williams-Sonoma acquired Outward, an augmented reality and 3D imaging startup acquired for $112 million.

Oath also is testing a native ad powered by Yahoo Gemini that the company will run across all Oath mobile apps, such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather and HuffPost.

An interactive social ad unit extends a brand's voice beyond the social newsfeed, by aligning its real-time photos, videos and custom hashtags with premium content and new audiences across Oath's properties.

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