LiveRamp Partnership Brings People-Based Marketing To Bing

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, has announced an integration with Microsoft to deliver people-based search capability in Bing Ads Custom Audiences for U.S. brands.

Bing Ads Custom Audiences now allows targeting or retargeting of search ads to an individual supported by LiveRamp’s identity resolution service, IdentityLink.

The integration went live within the past month with beta testers. The move follows a deal with Google that the two companies inked in June 2017. “We were speaking with Bing about the integration at the time we announced the partnership with Google,” said Jeff Smith, CMO and GM of Brands for LiveRamp.

Similar to Google, brands can bring their audiences to Bing. Unlike with the integration with Google, with Bing, marketers can match offline identifiers like an email address and online identifiers such as a cookie. Google only allows marketers to match offline identifiers such as an email address.

“Brands using people-based marketing in display and addressable TV can now use the strategy for search,” he said. “You can have a different message in TV and then in search.”

In January 2018, the top four online search engines fielded 17.5 billion core search queries, according to LiveRamp. On desktop, according to comScore, Google sites garnered 63.5% of the searches in April 2018, followed by Microsoft sites with 24%, Oath with 11.4%, and Ask Network with 1.1%. The comScore data excludes mobile, which make the majority of Google’s searches.

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