Buyers Favor Cross-Channel Marketing, Impacts TV

While many marketers are planning to increase media budgets for cross-channel advertising over the next year, there is continuing resistance -- especially in boosting TV budgets.

Nearly 90% say they would spend more on TV if it had the same accountability as digital advertising. The research comes from Advertiser Perceptions, the ad-research company, and 4C, a data science/ad technology company.

One of the major obstacles for including more TV in marketing budgets is its reliance on gross ratings points (GRPs) as a standard measurement of media investment. More than half of advertisers -- 52% -- do not include TV in cross-channel campaigns, given this challenge.

Other key reasons are duplicated reach of TV buys (45%); lack of targeting (37%); and the inability to operate seamlessly work TV publishers/networks.

The survey says the return on advertising spend (ROAS) has becomes a metric that more advertisers want. Advertisers say that standard measurement across channels is the greatest challenge for cross-channel campaigns.



The survey came from 303 senior advertising executives in the U.S. and U.K., conducted between April 30 and May 18, 2018.

Respondents came from the Advertiser Perceptions database and partner databases. They were required to have a minimum annual advertising budget of $1 million in digital ad spend and $5 million TV advertising to qualify. Some 93% of U.S. respondents were at the director level or higher, while 100% of UK respondents were at the VP level or higher.

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