AgilOne, Criteo Partnership Links In-Store Purchase Data To Online Ads

AgilOne and Criteo have formed a partnership that allows companies to identify and better understand customer behavior across all channels, from offline to online.

Criteo is an example of an AgilOne partner that supports online-to-offline attribution for conversions. Both companies work with Clarks shoes.

Today, consumers who search for a product online and then purchase the item in-store continue to be targeted with the same ad based on the search. Many consumers who browse online will then purchase the product in the store. “Not only does the brand want to stop showing consumers online ads for products they already bought in stores, but also show them more relevant targeting,” said Ryan Willette, global vice president of client success at AgilOne. “The same customers who bought the shoes in the stores, the brand wanted to show them ads online that might go with those shoes.”

Clarks shoes, for example, wanted to drive personalized experiences through display advertising. The footwear retailer sells shoes through multiple channels, including offline and online, as well as various wholesale partners.



Willette said AgilOne provides a feed of customer data to Criteo. Criteo then has the information it needs in order to intelligently suppress ads or target a more relevant ad, but that decision occurs in Criteo's platform. The data tells Criteo’s technology which shoes the consumer bought in the store, so the brand could stop targeting the ads to individuals who already bought the sandals.

AgilOne did make a financial investment to make the partnership work for Clarks, although Willette did not provide details regarding the amount.

Every brand requires different metrics. “Suppression, such as not serving an ad, is easier to accomplish,” he said. “But other brands might want to use recommendations to serve additional ads.”  

AgilOne can offer more than 300 calculations that make up a customer’s profile. Some brands want to understand their customers’ lifetime value, average order value, and frequency of purchase.

Criteo also announced this week that it joined the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program. The deal allows merchants to delve into Criteo’s expansive global reach to target users across all channels and devices.

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